Sound Walk September

Sound Walk September is the yearly global festival celebrating sound walks. We are now taking submissions for Sound Walk September 2020. Read our Open Call and submit a walking piece or event.

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Weaving place, deep listening and the Sacred

Exploring the relationship of place, connection, walking the land and deep listening, from a range of perspectives, knowledges and disciplines including: First Nations, Law/Governance, Art, Philosophy, Māori cosmologies and Western Science.

19 Sep 2020 | Elspeth Penfold
Elspeth Penfold 2020-09-19 12:56:00
Partition de PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible n° 11


Here and there

Practices and potential of transpositional locative sound art in performative arts. An online panel with NG Bristow, Richard Shannon, Ricardo Climent, Fred Adam and Geert Vermeire


TALK | ARTIST: Viviane Le Courtois

Artist talk with Viviane le Courtois has analysed how people everywhere in the world have preconceptions about people from what they wear.

Zuilen, Utrecht, Netherlands


Seeking tranquillity

Ximena Alarcon in discussion with landscape architect, Usue Riaz Aruna, musician and digital media artist, Ron Herrema and Richard Bentley of consultancy Small Silence.


Shorelines is a collaborative project on writing and reciting stories related to the dividing line between land and water.

More Walking artist

Stefaan van Biesen
Since 1990 Stefaan van Biesen has made walks which he documents and displays in drawings, installations, photography, models, texts, videos and photographs. He regards the act of walking as a kind of subjective thought process in the urban and natural landscape. He refers to the concept of ‘the body as measure unit’, using the senses and the body as instruments of knowledge, experience and creativity: art as a tool of connection with an ecological approach.

As a multidisciplinairy artists he spends an important part of his artistic creativity on exchanges and collaborations with other artists, scientists and experts from various disciplines. His work is in direct dialogue with his environment.

He is a member of the ArtScie Exhibits community Berlin [Humboldt University] and co-founder of the Milena principle, [an independent international art platform operating in Europe]. Worked as an artist in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil, USA and China.

30 Days of Walking: Sound Walk September 2020

We are creating a collaborative sound walk. You are invited to participate in a project involving scores or participants, with the aim of creating a 30-day sound walk.

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