17 Jun 2012 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Claire MacDonald on 9 June 2012

Culzean I am walking with my friend Claire MacDonald. Claire seems to have accidentally arrived in my life (I wrote about the theatre company she co-founded, Impact, and she then invited me to join a research project). There are so many connections and overlaps in our lives that I am profoundly grateful for the accident. […]

10 Jun 2012 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Jen Harvie on 27 May 2012

Lea Valley Walk I am walking the Lea Valley Walk with Jen Harvie. Jen was completing her PhD in Glasgow just as I was beginning mine, and then moved to London shortly after. She is a bright spark in a network of connections, someone I enjoy bumping into at conferences and wish I had time […]