25 Feb 2013 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Clare Thornton on 18 February 2013

Bristol I am walking with Clare. Clare was at University with me but in more recent years our paths have crossed mostly at live art festivals. The frantic bustle of festivals leaves little time for proper talking (lots of people, lots of work to see, lots of interruptions, lots of half-spoken thoughts and unfinished sentences…) […]

10 Feb 2013 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Mary Nixon on 2 February, 2013

Conwy I am walking with my Aunty Sos (proper name Mary Nixon, née Mary Duncalf). I also like to think that we are walking with my mum, Prunie (proper name June Heddon, née June Duncalf). June was one of 12 siblings who grew up in the small town of Conwy, in North Wales. My Aunty Sos […]