24 Feb 2015 | The Weather Report


A small yacht glides super smooth through the natural harbour between Flushing and Penryn. Warm knife through butter. The white waterside houses are blinding in the sun. Along Greenbank huge proud houses stand tall and broad, gardens sloping gently down towards the water. Fully leaved palm trees next to naked oaks, permanent breeze: soft yet […]

20 Feb 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Towards an urban romanticism: The Antenna

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Everything is urban I am urbanized. Possibly lots of us and numerous layers of our experience seem to have been urbanized. By this, I mean an entangled set of practices, situations and encounters that are not only characterized by the city but they also inform what we know as the urban condition. In other words, […]

17 Feb 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Skin and the street: Interrelations

Text: Bill Psarras © 2014 French philosopher Michel Serres (1985: 3) describes the skin as the ‘variety of our mingled senses‘. Yet for him touch is quite significant as the linking sense with the world around us. Indeed, touch and the haptic experience (hands, feet) connects the subject with the surroundings, making apparent the very personal “I” […]