31 Aug 2016 | Jack Lowe

Analysing Video Game Research: Making a Path

Coding my dissertation dataWay back in the middle of July, I finally completed the fieldwork for my dissertation exploring the environments of walking simulator video games. Armed with data gathered from interviewing 11 game developers, playing 12 game...

31 Aug 2016 | walkinglandscapes.com

“Walk the valley. Design the valley.”

Teaching at summerschool “Update Wolfach”: Students from different disciplinary backgrounds met in the lovely black forest Kirnbach-valley for 9 days and found designs for landscapes of the future. I contributed with my experiences on walking and designing. The summerschool was organised by Prof. Gothe (KIT), Prof. Antje Stokman (Uni Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. Küster (LUH, Hannover), […]

26 Aug 2016 | Richard White

Tyntesfield recuperated, a purchase betrayed.

Disconcerting visit to the National Trust property at Tyntesfield yesterday. Where once this was a fascinating time capsule slowly being catalogued and, I thought, somehow carefully resealed in viewable form it has been given an old school National Trust make-over. … Continue reading →

24 Aug 2016 | 33 Temple

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2016

At the end of June 2016 my 10 Fine Art students graduated with BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Hong Kong Design Institute. It was the culmination of an exciting year for the students, most of whom I had previously taught at Higher Diploma level. The Fine A...

07 Aug 2016 | Richard White

Bath: the plaqued and the unplaqued

Beagles in the basement, stopped and searched on Bath’s Royal Crescent, an elopement, plaques, parties and hollow pillars. A disenchanted walk across the city, rattling railings. Setting off from the gallery where the red glow room call to our humanity … Continue reading →

05 Aug 2016 | open walk


Vertical Walks ( 44°58’40.14”N, 93°16’32.08”W) With summer came a change in schedule that pulled me away from doing regular walks and posting to this blog.  Yet, I have been doing another type of public art performance-walking, vertically on the side of the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis.  I have been helping Randy Walker complete an […]