Sponsor a city, any city

With the release of version 4 of Kompl, we’re opening up the inclusion of featured cities. You or your company can pick any city and sponsor it for inclusion.

You like Kompl, but you don’t like that your favourite city is not included? Now, any and every city on the globe can be included. Sponsorship is open for any and every city, including cities that are currently included in Kompl.

Sponsors are listed in multiple locations inside the app. Specifically (from left to right in the image above):

  • On the home screen, in the top right, when a user is inside a sponsored city, or has selected a sponsored city for virtual exploration.
  • In the list of available cities, with the city.
  • With the currently selected, virtual, city, at the top of the listed cities.

Sponsors are shown both when the user is online and when the user is offline. When the user is online, some of the sponsored messages can include a link to the sponsor’s website.

Sponsors are also listed and linked on the Kompl homepage.

Cities are sponsored at a fixed cost, for a minimum of six months. The cost will go up as popularity of Kompl increases.

Below, the current price, as of June 9, 2017, per city, at a minimum of six months. Applicable taxes are not included.

25 € / month

Give us a shout if you’re interested in sponsoring a city.