23 May 2018 | Spaziergangswissenschaft

Experimental Travel

Open Call – Artist in Residence Program KHB „Experimental Travel“ 20-26/08/18 The artist-in-residence program in collaboration with the Institute for Rural Beauty (ILS) in the Kunsthalle Below (KHB) aims to explore two facets of trave...

20 May 2018 | Radical Stroud

Stroud And The Inuit

Stuart We are off on holiday soon so wanted to share the information I was relating this info whilst stewarding at Landsdown gallery on the weekend. I am Canadian living in the UK and while doing the Diploma in stitched textiles at East Berkshir...

20 May 2018 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2018-05-20 04:10:58

On 12 May 2018 fifty-five people in fifteen countries on five continents explored the centres of their landscape.1 They walked alone and in groups; on short strolls and epic walks; in rural, urban and suburban landscapes; in familiar and unfamiliar places. Some walked during the day and others at night. Some never made it out of the […]

18 May 2018 | Radical Stroud

God Save Great Thomas Paine

Why, sirrah, and why, madam, hast thou not read thy Tom Paine? ‘Kings succeed each other not as rationals but as animals … an hereditary governor is as inconsistent as an hereditary author.’ And you needn’t visit Paris in this, the year of our Lord,...