23 Nov 2018 | Radical Stroud

Radical Stroud WW1 and FGR Walk

Radical Stroud WW1 and FGR Walk Saturday November 17th Meet at 12 at Nailsworth War Memorial An Armistice Centenary Walk and Talk Peace at Last! A performative walk and talk through WW1 as it affected Stroud, the Five Valleys, Nailsworth, and Fo...

23 Nov 2018 | Radical Stroud

FGR and WW1

Charles and Ernest go to the football Charles sneaked out unnoticed, from his home in Northfield Road. His first call was only a few yards away, ‘The Jovial Foresters’, not only his local pub, but also the headquarters of his beloved Football Club, ...

22 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

Tales of long walks

On Monday I went to a talk by Satish Kumar at Alternatives, in Piccadilly, London. Now in his 80s, smiling and looking as young as ever, spoke eloquently, about  how peace is a way of life not just an opposite of war. Explaining that he was inspired by Bertrand Russell, and the stop nuclear weapons campaigns, […]

20 Nov 2018 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 21

Trail Walk, Redcliff, AlbertaAfter several days driving and several days sitting around, I was fairly desperate for a walk. Starting off through the neighbourhood, I picked up a trail that took me along the rim of the coulee, in between chainlinked backyards and the steep hills sloping down to the river valley.  It’s spacious, Alberta, so much bright sky and land, long views, flat horizons. The trail winds down the hill and loops through the coulee, coming up alongside the South Saska [...]

19 Nov 2018 | asiwandered

On the road again! Running Round Wales

What a week to begin this Winter! In six days I clocked up 116 miles and, despite some limping moments, an average of 46,500 steps a day. To put this in context, I barely made it to 40,000 total steps over the entire week leading up to this run. I’ve regained my love of porridge (luckily, because there really is no other option for breakfast in a field), lost my sense of smell (also lucky…) and discovered a whole new form of swag (that most people would call limping, but which with the help of ...