June 7: Exploring with Sound Walks

Unknown license: British Library

In preparation for the upcoming Sound Walk Sunday in September, the British Library, together with the Museum of Walking, is hosting Exploring with Sound Walks on June 7, 2019. Sign up at eventbrite.

If you’re interested in literature, sound recordings, place, technology and walking, you may wish to attend this event in the Knowledge Centre, at the British Library.

Mahendra Mahey from BL Labs will talk about the Library’s Imaginary Cities exhibition, which showcases fantastical cityscapes created by the Library’s artist in residence Michael Takeo Magruder. 

Andrew Stuck, Founder of the Museum of Walking and podcaster at Talking Walking will talk about Sound Walks, explaining what they are and giving an overview of Sound Walk Sunday, which is scheduled for Sunday 1st September 2019 and the week following.

Cheryl Tipp, Curator of Wildlife & Environmental Sounds at the British Library will talk about this fabulous collection, giving examples of how these recordings have been used creatively.

‘Exploring with Sound Walks’ is an introduction to sound and walking and a venue for bringing people together. If you are interested in ‘sound walking’, or have an idea on how to put that in practice, sign up today.


  1. Just wondering will there be any streaming (during the event), or video documentation that can be publicly accessed after the event for the benefit of those interested who reside overseas and can’t attend in person?

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