Sound Walk September 2020 now accepting submissions

CC-BY-NC: Babak Fakhamzadeh

We now accept new and existing sound walks, as well as events, for Sound Walk September 2020. Read our Open Call.

After a very successful Sound Walk September 2019, and selecting two winners and four honourable mentions, we started work on making Sound Walk September 2020 even more of a success.

We’ve created a place for walking creatives, the website walk · listen · create, which hosts a catalogue of, at the time of writing, nearly 200 walking pieces, and have established an advisory board for Sound Walk September with professionals from across the globe.

We’re making progress. And now we need your help.

All new sound walks, created in 2020, and all sound walk events during September 2020 will be considered for the Sound Walk September 2020 Award. The winner will be selected by the Sound Walk September Advisory Board.

If you’re keen to check out the competition, you can visit the list of accepted submissions.

We are very much looking forward to working with walking creatives from across the globe for Sound Walk September 2020, and await your submissions with anticipation. Submit now!

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