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Blog - Kriya Arts 15 Apr, 2020

La Luna Moon Ceremonies go online!

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I’m super duper quadruper excited to announce that @l.o.m_fashion is designing the costumes for the forthcoming La Luna moon ceremonies in May…
“But the Brighton Fringe has been cancelled!”
I hear you scream.
That ain’t stopping us (by the way we love you @brightonfringe and look forward to doing it for reals with you ASAP)
Our moon ceremonies are created and held by the La Luna Coven, directed by Jolie Booth and produced by Kriya Arts. Sponsored by Arts Council England. Originally programmed as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival 2020, but since COVID-19, it has moved online.
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom… I want you in my room…
La Luna is a ritualistic celebration of the moon phases. The full moon welcomes in the festivities, celebrating the power of creativity. With the waning moon we’ll evaluate our dreams, looking at how to move forward. With the dark moon we go inwards and begin again, then re-emerge with fresh new intentions for the waxing moon. Each is a stand alone ceremony or you can come to all four.
For the link to attend and details on what you need for each ceremony join the Facebook Group La Luna Moon Ceremonies.

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 — in Brighton and Hove.

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Cats aren’t known for clomping around like Clydesdales; they’re stealthy. That’s why cat-footing refers to walking that’s more subtle and graceful than that of the average oaf. In Harry L. Wilson’s 1916 book Somewhere in Red Gap, this word appears in characteristic fashion: “…I didn’t yell any more. I cat-footed. And in a minute I was up close.” Cat-footing is a requirement for a career as a cat burglar. Credits to Mark Peters.

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