Word-Object Exchange | Walking Arts and open call 

You are invited to submit word-oject anti-signs for placement along inspirallondon Trail – for works transformed into small objects (up to 10 characters) you can recieve £25; for works transformed into medium objects you can recieve £35 (11 to 25 characters); for works transformed into large objects (26-35 characters) you can recieve £50-60. Word-Objects anti-signs should be short, pithy, and in spirit of dada, adopt attitudes of multi-lingual, de-centering, cross meaning messaging. Submission above 35 characters will only be considered on the rare occassion that they are so ridiculous and meaningfilled that they require hatcheting down and re-interpreting.

The aim is to produce an average of one anti-sign per day during lockdown – at the current projection at least 84 word-object signs until the trail and life is re-opened. There are no terms apart from the themes outlined but you should be aware that this is an antidote exchange project.

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