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Walkspace 31 Oct, 2020

A Figure Walks – day 4

During October we’re documenting Megan Henebury’s walk along the route of the River Rea, walking in the river itself as much as possible. Pete is following her with a camera and Megan will be producing a film in the new year. All Walkspace posts on this project are here.

For the fourth stretch along the Rea, Megan was joined by another wader, her friend Lin, whose effect on Megan’s mood was dramatic. They started in Kings Norton Park and by the time I joined them with my camera at Lifford Reservoir, a serious artist doing serious work had transformed into a grinning loon (doing serious work).

As Stirchley residents this was home turf, but it was still novel for me to be walking this area at such a slow pace, waiting for Megan and Lin to make their steady way through the frequently deep waters. I found myself contemplating the many paths that had been beaten through the undergrowth from the footpath to the river, seemingly with no purpose. Then it struck me – they were desire lines carved by dogs desperate to get in the water.

Dusk called the day to an end on Cartland Road. Three days later the November lockdown was announced, putting the walk on hold. Stay tuned for developments…

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Wandering without intent, meandering, walking with pleasurable aimlessness (English regional, esp. Lincolnshire; supposedly derived from the Norse word for “worm”). See also “stravaiging” (Scots), “daundering”, “pootling”, etc.

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