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An introduction to the ‘deep map reference tool’ available to download free via the links below. Aimed at those making immersive but embodied GPS-triggered app walks using digital content (for example sound, images and film) it can also guide those making MP3 experiences. The reference tool was developed during Lucy Frears’ PhD practice-based research titled ‘Unlocking Landscape Using Locative Media’ (2017) that used deep mapping, geopoetics and chorography in the inspiration and creation of the award-winning Hayle Churks app. The guide is an accessible summary of processes, methods and tools used in Frears’ practice and includes insights from others gathered through testing of work, research, discussion and conversation. The introduction includes additional and more detailed information on voice/ narration that is not included in the reference tool. The way a voice addresses the listener, is recorded and performed in app experiences effects engagement and ‘immersive flux’ the fluctuation between embodiment and immersion that occurs in these experiences.

Two forms of the tool have been made available to download for use by, for example, artists, geographers, oral historians, app commissioners, students and community groups. The list of insights can be downloaded or a booklet can be printed and assembled.


Source: The Deep Map app — Livingmaps Network

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