02 Jul 2020 | Radical Stroud


Raising Funds for the Trussell Trust In association with the cyclists’ group from The Prince Albert Oxford to Abingdon 11 miles A swollen, turbid, fast flowing river; blackthorn blossom; osiers, rushes and willows half-drowned; many trees down with ...

02 Jul 2020 | Talking Walking

Lizzy Stewart talking walking

Children’s book illustrator and comic book artist, Lizzy Stewart, when drawing herself, draws herself walking – striding confidently across the urban scene. Her latest book, called “Walking Distance” is a personal account of the way she sees her life out and about on foot – she argues that walking is the ‘clearest way to participate […]

01 Jul 2020 | base80 :-)

Garage Rotterdam: “If Plants Could Talk”

‘If Plants Could Talk’ is a project by ‘The Rogue Topiarist’(wildsnoeier). The Rogue Topiarist is one of Olivier Scheffer’s alter egos. For the last two years, he has been pruning shrubs around the city, always in a conceptual fashion, and usually with...

01 Jul 2020 | base80 :-)

2nd Lateral E

A project I’ve been working on is to walk the 2nd longitude east, the longest north/south meridian in France. Its starting point, near Duinkerke, is also the crossing of the 51 lateral of witch I walked the German part in 2018. And it is only lan...

30 Jun 2020 | base80 :-)

Wildsnoeier.nl — NEW site& insta

Ik, onze Wildnoeier, bekend in heel Rotterdam 🙂 heb een dedicated website omdat het te veel werd voor een occasionele post. My alter ego the “Cutting-Hedge” Wildsnoeier has a dedicated site and insta account. https://www.instagram.com/wilds...

30 Jun 2020 | base80 (-:

Corona Circles

During the Corona pandemic Lock-down I went for a walk. I walked around, I walked a round. Two years ago I had the plan to walk in Circles, “like a goat attached to a rope to a pole”. To, as they say in the movies; “draw up a perimete...

30 Jun 2020 | base80 (-:

1.49 m. Sticker

Corona is al twaalf weken bezig, mensen worden laks met de regels, vooral sinds de horeca weer open is en de zomer losbarst. De Corona Sticker is gemaakt in samenwerking met Pauline Wiersema Hierbij: NU, Alleen Hier! 1 centimeter korting. The post 1.49...


Réouvrir des chemins d’écoute

Translate this page   Le resserrement brutal de mes espaces d’écoute, durant les mois de confinement sanitaire, me font d’autant plus apprécier aujourd’hui la réouverture de mes terrains d’aventure auriculaire. Durant une période drastiquement liberticide, certains média, pour moi la radio, ont maintenu l’accès à des paysages sonores, au sens large du terme, dépassant et … Continuer à lire ... "Ré...

29 Jun 2020 | Walk Coach Learn

Working From Home: Resilient Workspace

Are you working from home (all the time!) right now? Lockdown is easing and life is getting busier again but many of us are still predominantly working from home. This can be surprisingly challenging. Many of us are overworking and always ‘on’. We may also be feeling distracted, demotivated, isolated or stressed. Here are some … Working From Home: Resilient WorkspaceRead More »

29 Jun 2020 | 33 Temple

Breakout – nature escaping confinement

During the last few months, due to the restrictions caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus,  everyone's attention has been redirected inward. Our travel, our plans, our expectations have all been reduced along with our horizons. With my own at...