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12 May, 2021

Walking Bodies / Walking Art – Walking Practices : the book of Prespa 2019


We’re happy to announce the book with all actions and papers of the Walking Arts Encounters/Conference (WAC) 2019 is now available in a printed and a digital format.
The publication is in full color, with hundreds of photographs, hundreds of written contributions from all over the world, and 567 pages.

The image essays and articles are centered around the topics of Walking Narratives, Crossing Borders, Walking and Place, the Fine Arts of Walking, Exploring walking, Long Journeys, Nature and the Anthropocene, Walking as a Political Narrative, Pedagogies of Walking.

Just by its volume and its global scope it is already a referential work for everybody interested in Walking Arts in the 21st century.

Editors of the book are Yannis Ziogas and Geert Vermeire, in a design of Aspasia Voudouri.

The digital version of the book can be acquired for a recommended donation of 20 euros.
The printed book is available here for 50 euros + shipping.

Contributions and contributors

Narrating Bodies: walking beyond borders in Prespa
Geert Vermeire / Yannis Ziogas

Radhika Subramaniam
Walking Narratives

Nomos_The Land Song
Phoebe Giannisi

Walking in the Context of Multisensory Aesthetics
Fay Zika

Walking as Art – What are the common criteria that represent the ontology of this artistic practice?
Carole McCourt

Topophilia in the physical and digital space
Stella Sylaiou / Yannis Ziogas

The walking-voice as an affective research methodology for the creation of locative media content
Ismini Gatou

Walk This Way: A consideration of walking as a radical feminist artistic act
Dr. Sophie C. Kromholz

Walking at the border of countries, languages, practices
Stalker (Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito),
Matteo Fraterno and Mary Zigoury

Eur(h)ope, a mitopoietic action towards a Planetary Citizenship
Lorenzo Romito / Stalker

Triple Border
Geert Vermeire / Ana Villas Boas

Crossing borders, walking lines
Ienke (C.M.) Kastelein

Wandering Wonders
Peter Schreuder

There, wherever you are [Travel notes from the group Vaga-Mundo: Poéticas Nômades]
Karina Dias, Levi Orthof, Iris Helena, Tatiana Terra and Luciana Paiva

Crossing the Line/Prespa
Laura Kim Meckling

Crossing Lines
Laura Kim Meckling

Ghostly Matters: a Walk through the Greek Civil War
Lydia Matthews

You Carry the World
Julie Poitras Santos

Chip Walk Prespa
Clare Qualmann, / Dr. Hilary Ramsden

Chip Walk
Clare Qualmann, / Dr. Hilary Ramsden

Shadow-Walks in Prespa
Viv Corringham

When walking happens in the feminine
Veronica Veloso

Cadavre Exquis Walking
Fabiane Pianowski

Walking Viewpoints
Nitza Tenenblat

The Mountain Body
Anna Tzakou

Revisiting Grammos:
Poetry as a historical monument
Lora Franco

Walking and the concept of Return
Yannis Ziogas

Natacha Antão Moutinho

Looking for Echoes of the Body in Landscape
Rosie Montford

Incidental Drawing in Aesthetic Walks
Miguel Bandeira Duarte

Walking in places and video poetry
Petros Polymenis

Back Space
Rosa Schramm

On Orientation
Rosa Dias Schramm

Walking in the city as a dancing and political activity
Lais Cardoso da Rosa

Drawing as peripatetic practice.
The case of Stanley Brouwn
Tina Pandi

Prespa’s hybrid mapping
Vasileios Bouzas

Shared Walks
Eylem Ertürk / Bernd Rohrauer

Site Specific Walkshop: Re-Inventing Utopias
Olga Doulkeridou

Participatory Walk and Mini-Seminar in Prespa
Todd Shalom

The More a Path is Used,
The More a Path is Used
Jen Martin

Experiential roadmap cartographers
Christos Ioannidis / Thanassis Vollas
Walking with objects

Litany to no Body+ Nobody
Panagiotis Lezes

Menhir Line
Edith Derdyk

(What) The body knows –
Library of Walks
Stefaan van Biesen / Annemie Mestdagh

Connecting with Prespa
Katerina Paisi / Sol Burt

Lost & Found: A Prespa Cultivator
Laura K. Reeder

Walking through the night
(Rita Marzio Maralla and Teresa Sala)

Walking Ruins
Marie-Anne Lerjen

Walking Narratives and
Affective Mappings
Haris Pellapaisiotis

All Our Paths Lead to Here
Christopher Kaczmarek

Moving-with a line
(gossip, secrets, a messenger app)
Gesa Helms

External Reflections of the Inner:
Walking in Antonioni’s “Trilogy of Alienation”
Despoina Poulou

Walking a long way from the Sublime to the Anthropocene:
the work of Nikos Doulos/Nightwalkers and Sotiris Batzianas
Faye Tzanetoulakou

Prespa/Crests of Time
Yannis Ziogas / Christos Ioannidis

Celestial/Terrestrial Navigations: Cignus the Swan
Bill Gilbert

Walking Everywhere / Walking to Nowhere
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

Walking. Exploring the convergence between body, spirit, and
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

Walking Transformation
Reflections on walking in the context of art
Fiona Hesse

The First and Last and Always Psiloritis Biennale: Walking as a curatorial practice
Stamatis Schizakis

Choreopolitical operation of walking,
Honorata Martin “Going out into Poland”
Karolina Wilczyńska
Long journeys

Walking is the primal camera traveling
Laura Apolonio / Mar Garrido-Román /
Fernanda García-Gil

Grand Tour, an Artwalk and the merging of an ephemeral
nomadic community
Clara Garí

Dramaturgies: creative process behind the scene, the journey
Juana Rondon de Miranda

A Travessia (The Journey)
Juana Rondon de Miranda / Paola Luduvice /Paulo Lessa

Where are you going?
(129hours/387km across Albania and
Jez Hastings

Nomadic in Form, Itinerant in Process –
a walking encounter
Jez Hastings

I could have been at the beach right now: An exploration into a possible future scenario
for the Netherlands
Maud Canisius

The walker as an activator of the displacement of senses
Edith Derdyk

Out οf Place
Bill Gilbert

Creating Contemporary Photography
in a Traditional Landscape:
walking through representations in the Irish landscape
Ellie Berry

The Contemporary Walking Pilgrimage:
Emerging questions and considerations
Christopher Kaczmarek

Borderlands: Disruptions between remote map-making and
local readings of place
Tracey Benson

One Step and I am Elsewhere
Greg Giannis

Plant escape. A pedestrian banquet into a vegetal
Simona Vermeire

Sound Walkshops in Byzantine Ruins
Ros Bandt

Hearing the Anthropocene: from an interspecies perspective
of goats, fish, aquatic invertebrates, the Prespa pelicans,
tortoises, spiders, and the green mantis
Ros Bandt

Soundwalks in Prespa
Theodoros Lotis

Hiking Performance Stonelines; towards a landscape performance
practice of the female gaze
Anna Tzakou

Walking in and out
Federica Martini

A Trail to Prespa
Alexandros Kyriakatos

Walking art and narrative accounts
Bia Papadopoulou

Walking Art / Activism
Iordanis Stylidis

Walking as Creative Solidarity in Vulnerable Social Spaces
Sotirios Chtouris

Chronicle of a drama
Georgios Katsagelos

Bodies Unequal: Walking and
Performing Social Antagonisms
Alexandra Antoniadou

Walking in Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Art
Eman Abdou
Pedagogies of Walking

Thes-Pres project:
a communal journey through history, art, and space
Stella Sylaiou / Cynthia Gerothanasiou /
Rania Schoretsianiti / Yannis Ziogas

Nimxu Mixja – Walking as an art practice and beyond
Kristina Borg / Raffaella Zammit

Walking and (re)invest the city
Sophie Cabot

Walking the island, Artistic practices of Ilha de Maré
Karla Brunet

Walking as An Aesthetic and Educational Practice
Fabiane Pianowski / Rita Patta Rache

Walking Aesthetics in Art Education
Panagiotis Dafiotis

APA style reference

Vermeire, G., & Ziogas, Y. (2021). Walking Bodies / Walking Art – Walking Practices : the book of Prespa 2019. walk · listen · create.


Collection · 106 items
CC-BY-NC: Geert Vermeire
CC-BY-NC: Geert Vermeire
CC-BY-NC: Geert Vermeire

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