A Drop in Barometric Pressure

Long listed for the WALKING HOME writing competition run in January & February 2022

The weather’s turned and 
my mood’s gone with it, 
slipping on the asphalt
of my pot-holed mind, 
sliding beneath the covers 
to avoid the morning.
I wonder whether
the needling rain
will clean the street
of its dog shit and spittle
as I ladle coffee extra strong 
to fuel another day
of running away 

Read more from the Long List of poems and stories submitted to the WALKING HOME writing competition. Watch winning authors reading their work on the video of the Write About Walking Home showcase event that took place on Sunday 25 September 2022.

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Michele is based in the UK and is a journalist, poet and writer of short fiction. She gets her best ideas while walking. Her pamphlet, ‘From a Sheltered Place’, was published in August 2020 by Wild Pressed Books. Her writing has appeared in a number of...


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