Long listed for the WALKING HOME writing competition run in January & February 2022

Megan Hicks reads Transfer

Work’s over
Heading home
Out of the corner of my eye
Someone running
Dodging between the lanes of traffic
A cluster already gathering
Round something on the road
I turn back
The driver’s sitting
Front steps of the bank
I sit too
My arms around him
He says he’s phoned a friend
I stay
Home late
I notice I am glistening
Tiny shards of glass embedded in my clothes 

Read more from the Long List of poems and stories submitted to the WALKING HOME writing competition. Watch winning authors reading their work on the video of the Write About Walking Home showcase event that took place on Sunday 25 September 2022.

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Megan Hicks

Megan Hicks

I'm interested in cities and the vestiges of their former selves. I walk with difficulty around the streets and back lanes of suburbia. I like to notice odd things and ordinary things as well. I look at pavement graffiti and I listen for birds. I take my c...

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