Sound Walk September 2022 is on! Check upcoming events · There is still time to submit your work!

Submit your work for SWS22

As we, fingers crossed, are slowly moving from under the yoke of the COVID pandemic (though, here in the US, infection rates have been steadily climbing again for the last few weeks), we’re finding that, not only inflation is emptying our purse, in-person events are filling up our schedule.

We hope it’s the same with you. Well, minus the inflation part.

Time seems to be moving fast, which also means that, rather soon, Sound Walk September 2022 is just around the corner.
We’ve started preparing, and hope to have a few nice surprises for you, both in the run-up to, and during SWS itself.

But, Sound Walk September will not be possible without your contribution.
Every year since we’ve commenced on this journey, we’ve seen an increase in the number of submissions for Sound Walk September, and we hope that, this year, you will not break that trend.

So, if you haven’t already, give thought to what you plan to submit to Sound Walk September 2022. Be innovative, inventive, collaborative, and create! And submit your work!

You can submit a walking piece, and you can submit an event. All sound walks created after September 30 2021 are eligible for the Sound Walk September Awards 2022, and all related events held during September 2022 are eligible, as well.

Here’s the formal press release, and don’t hesitate to send this to all your peers, and competitors, to spread the word. Marketing is difficult, and we love to see you become an ambassador of SWS.

You need some more context? Read up on Sound Walk September.

Pieces and events eligible for the awards will be shortlisted after September, and the shortlist will be narrowed down to winners by our jury, also the Sound Walk September Advisory Board.

Need inspiration? Take a look all the work in our archives, or narrow it down to last year’s submissions or events.

Or perhaps you’re interested to see how your work stacks up in comparison to last year’s winners. Well, take a look at the announcement where we introduced the SWS21 Award winners.

We’re very much looking forward to what you will be submitting this year. Why not get some inspiration during the upcoming Encounters festival in Catalonia, in early July?

See you online. And, who knows, perhaps in person!

Babak Fakhamzadeh

Netherlands / Iran / Brazil


Babak was working in ICT4D before it had a name (2001), never really left it, and knows how to throw together a pretty mean combination of a wide array of programming languages, both frontend and backend. He brought photomarathons to Africa (2007) and won ...

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