North Pennines AONB Partnership’s Fellfoot Forward Slow Trails Interpretation

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Source: North Pennines AONB Partnership’s Fellfoot Forward Slow Trails Interpretation

This contract is for North Pennines AONB Partnership’s Fellfoot Forward – Slow Trails Interpretation. As part of the Fellfoot Forward LPS delivery and legacy, we wish to promote 7 new walking routes based in the Fellfoot Forward scheme area. Four of the routes link to local villages and are low level shorter walks for mixed generation groups and those looking for a more gentle exploration of the Eden valley. Three of the routes are designed to support those with mobility needs. They are level, short routes with a destination. A suitably experienced Provider is required to develop the interpretation around these 7 routes working with the North Pennines AONB Partnership, local landowners, Eden valley community, local authorities and Cumbria County Council. The routes are described, and an outline interpretative plan has been developed to consider, adapt and apply to the routes. The lead interpreter will be required to develop an approach to create a package of walks which will support people to take time and become more deeply immersed in the landscape they are passing through. We have aspirations for the contractor to bring in the arts to enhance the interpretation and create walks leaflet or similar that is special to the suite of walks from this landscape. The Council has confirmed NLHF (National Lottery Heritage Fund) funding to enable delivery of this Project.

Andrew Stuck

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