Walk away, walk away, walk away, we gotta move on to a better day

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73,866 lyrics. 103 artists. 50 albums. There’s no shortage of songs with “walk away” imbedded in the melody, concealed in the cadence. So many ways crooners beat rhythms to withdraw, abandon, forsake, maroon, shuck off, disown. Go on the run. Applaud a lucky break.

Is walking away as simple as strolling round the corner, or do you have to venture far, far away. Is it a first walk? An oft repeated walk. A real walk; one imagined in our head. Maybe we’re walking away from a deal. Getting away with something. Crawling out from a car crash. Leaving someone stranded. Cutting ourselves loose.  Or do we walk with purpose or resignation – in a certain way to show determination, pride or despair.

Walking away from a job, partner, country, or life towards another unknown existence could be cowardice. It could also be bravery, a stumbling start to a new beginning. Cecil Day-Lewis believes that “selfhood begins with a walking away, and love is proved in letting go.” 

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Cheryl Markosky

Writer in residence 2022/23

Cheryl Markosky wanted to be a lighthouse keeper, but it was tricky in the Rockies. So, she became a TV producer and journalist. Canadian-born, she now splits her time between England and the Caribbean. Cheryl’s work can be found in EllipsisZine, New Fla...


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