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Kim V. Goldsmith 19 Aug, 2023

Insuring my work for the future

I’m half way through my 4-week artist residency at The Admiral’s House on the Isle of Skye, and while I feel like I am doing what I set out to do there’s also a smattering of frustration creeping in. My preferred craft of the past few years has increasingly been sound and the art of …

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Goldsmith, K. (2023). Insuring my work for the future. walk · listen · create.


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hybrid flaneur/flaneuse

Hybrid flaneur/flaneuse has become a performative “orchestrator” of steps and technologies – of sensory and emotional encounters. It is this oscillation between the poetic, the socio-technological, the geographical and the emotional that shifts the meaning of flanerie and walking in the 21st century. Hybrid flaneur/flaneuse can be also described in line with the cultural and aesthetic trajectories of the 20th century ambulatory practices. Therefore, a hybrid flaneur/flaneuse could be a creative merging of the romanticised view of early flaneur, the radical tactics and political implications of psychogeography and the performative/site-oriented elements of Fluxus and Land Art – all considered through a wide range of embodied media, social and geographical sensitivities.

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