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We launched  walk · listen · create (WLC) in January 2020 with the purpose of providing a volunteer-run peer-to-peer support platform for artists, performers and writers, who use walking as a catalyst for their practice.  WLC is a place where people can discover exciting and immersive experiences designed by such creatives, read what they are writing and meet them through events and festivals. WLC also hosts Sound Walk September and the Sound Walk September Awards.

We have recruited an advisory board of key people from across the sector who provide us with strategic advice and introduce us to new audiences.   

WLC has quickly become a vital network for support and interaction. We began running café conversations on a bi-weekly basis to help break down isolation created by COVID. These events have become a success, responding to the need of the creative community. 

In 2019, Sound Walk September attracted 80+ live events around the world. With understandably fewer this year, the three volunteers behind WLC rallied the advisors and other contributors to offer their time voluntarily to curate and host a number of on-line ‘talkshop’ events. Even in these hard times for the cultural world, Sound Walk September still  boasts a fabulous variety of talkshops and other online events thanks to these people’s efforts. 

For 2020, walk · listen · create also created two collaborative interactive challenges for Sound Walk September: 30 Days of Walking and Shorelines.

WLC is soon to become a not-for-profit organisation, registered in the EU, and hopes to expand to offer global opportunities for artists, performers and writers, hit by COVID, to come together and create new walking pieces.  

With your help we can make this happen.

Please help us – even a modest donation will help towards running costs of the walk · listen · create platform, provide us with the resources to set up as a not-for-profit, and be used towards providing every Sound Walk September contributor a small gift as a ‘thank you’ for their contribution.

We also need to take care of running costs, including: web-hosting, fees for technical expertise, ticketing and banking transaction fees, video conferencing subscriptions and web advertising.  

Please donate what you can:

If you or the company you work for can support walk · listen · create more substantially beyond the next couple of months, then there are opportunities to discuss sponsorship. Read how you can work with us.

Thank you once again for your generosity towards walk · listen · create and we hope you enjoy Sound Walk September 2020.