Alexander Johannes Heil

Alexander Johannes Heil


Alexander Johannes Heil
Artist and Architect
B.Sc. Architecture (Technical University Berlin)
M.Mus. ArtScience (Royal Conservatory & Royal Academy of Art Den Haag)


I explore (global) space, which I consider as one entity without any borders. My practice is characterized by the use of a variety of methods and media, e.g. spatial intervention, performance, audio-visual works (fixed and live alike), architectural drawing, sculpture, model making and writing. I study the things I am interested in by direct observation, often using photography as a means of study and documentation. From my observations and theoretical research, ideas arise, which I transform into actual formal expression, resulting into artistic artifacts of various media, which manifest as an immediate reaction towards a given space, emphasizing its existence.

Alexander J. Heil 2020


Alexander Johannes Heil (born 1986 in Hamburg, Germany) received his B.Sc. in Architecture with a focus on architecture-theory and -design in 2017 at the Technical University Berlin and obtained his master's degree (M.Mus) in summer 2020 at the ArtScience Interfaculty (Royal Conservatory and Royal Academy of Art, The Hague). His work has recently been shown at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, the Royal Conservatory The Hague, in group exhibitions in The Hague, and two solo exhibitions in Berlin (2017 and 2018).

Currently he is exploring a new concept of space, which is analog to the dialectic of mold and cast. It considers global space filled with actual substances traveling throughout our planet, shaping each other through time and gravity and thus shaping the space we live in. This conception of space is called Substanzraum, the space of substance.