19 Nov 2018 | asiwandered

On the road again! Running Round Wales

What a week to begin this Winter! In six days I clocked up 116 miles and, despite some limping moments, an average of 46,500 steps a day. To put this in context, I barely made it to 40,000 total steps over the entire week leading up to this run. I’ve regained my love of porridge (luckily, because there really is no other option for breakfast in a field), lost my sense of smell (also lucky…) and discovered a whole new form of swag (that most people would call limping, but which with the help of ...

15 Feb 2018 | asiwandered

Trail Running Mag: The Long and Not So Lonely Road

When I started my run I worried that I was setting off on a rather lonely journey. I plan on jogging the entire 4500 miles of our rugged and beautiful coastline over the next few winters and, although I enjoy being that lone figure in a landscape and the sense of isolation that comes with it, I worried how I would cope with weeks on end of solo journeying. If I found the populated South lonely, how on earth would I cope when I get up to Scotland? Travelling in winter, very much out of season, I

04 Feb 2018 | asiwandered

Running into 2018 – Broken Tents, Campfire Curries and Low Flying Planes.

My first week home for Christmas was so cosy and sociable, full of food and friends and not once did I want to go back to my running-camping routine. I got home, hung up my kit, stored away my trainers and brushed my hair every single day. I went for one long jog over the hills just to relish the feeling of running without the weight of my backpack through my familiar Cotswold backyard. I built a snowman called Norbert, went out for dinners wearing normal clothes, opened presents not covered in

18 Nov 2017 | asiwandered

Running Rhythms.     Autumn Turning;  Not Often Lonely

Flutter open your eyes. Struggle for briefly against the panic of a tightly coiled sleeping bag before freeing yourself to crawl out… and breath in that fresh sea salt air. Know that today your only task is to move from here to there; to some distant point along this magnificent coastal stretch. Over cliff and along beach, through fields, mud, sand and water you will run and walk until the sun tires, or your legs. Close your eyes now and fall asleep to the pitter-patter of rain on canvas,

11 Nov 2017 | asiwandered

Running along those Cornish cliffs

There have been some truly incredible and exhilarating moments on this journey so far where i have felt my eyes deceive me. I have begun to wonder if have been swept up by the majesty of these monumental cliffs and the legends that wrap themselves round them. Yesterday, leaving Tintagel on the North Cornish coast, following a winding path that left Merlin and Arthur Pendragon’s castle behind, I came across what I can only describe as an upwards-backwards waterfa...

01 Nov 2017 | asiwandered

Kit list for a winter running & camping expedition

How much stuff do I need to be self-supported? How much can I carry and still run? Here’s a handy breakdown of what I am carrying for the first section of my 4500 mile run. Clothes:- Cycle top. T-shirt shape with a collar to prevent my backpack rubbing on my neck- couldn’t find a short-sleeved running top! £15ish - Two pairs of 2XU running tights. Compression leggings are FAB. I sleep in one pair for recovery and run in the o...

30 Oct 2017 | asiwandered

A journey of a lifetime! One coastline, three winters…

So this is day one. Only a few miles into the first leg of a 4500 mile running journey and my back aches. My soles hurt as if I’ve been punching them, which I suppose in a way I have, pounding them into the ground one after the other all morning. Now that I’ve sat down though – with a hand-warming mug of hot tea and the sun still shining on my face - I can’t help but feel I’m on the right track.Most of my friends call me ‘Franny’ or ‘You’re Mad’ fo...