Cartografia da Hospitalidade

Cartografia da Hospitalidade


The Cartography of Hospitality research collective started in 2017. The objective is to recognize and register the social and cultural diversity that coexists in public spaces of the city, with their respective connections and permeabilities, thus
proposing the revision of the conventional analysis criteria for their spatial qualification. They
are spatial reading tools of an inclusive political nature: it aims to review preconceptions and
break the paradigms of the perception of the spaces of the city creating possibilities for
manifestation, and representation of people, not perceived by the eyes of those who do not
want to see beyond the spectacular.
For this, our cartographic process invites the cartographer to drift around a specific urban
space (Figure 1), observing and registering what is not usually seen by the eyes of the official
power. This attitude creates possibilities of welcoming the different realities inserted in the
overlapped psychosocial landscapes inside the explored territory, together with their
respective connections and permeabilities. By identifying the real host potential of the spaces,
the coexistence between these 'different cities' is facilitated in all possible dimensions. Spatial
appropriation actions such as those proposed are political devices for dismantling
preconceptions, which seek to create conditions for the manifestation of the powers of the
subjects who inhabit the 'different'.

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