David Merleau

David Merleau


Online Jury 2023 SWS Award winner
I am a radio producer and folklore storyteller with a penchant for biology. My works construct collaborations between two creative forces: Technology and Nature. In my locative sound walks I aim to create a positive feedback loop where the site-specific story you hear from your smartphone enhances your perception of the surrounding wilderness that further augments your understanding the story you are hearing from your smartphone...
Forest Talk Radio
Check out the website for the inspiration behind the stories delivered through the locative app, as well, you can experience the desktop version of the FTR: Laurier Woods Edition as well as FTR: Old Growth Temagami. Stay tuned for FTR: Bee Coming, a...

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  • Walking Event SWS20

    Forest Talk Radio: Under Your Favourite Tree

    David Merleau
    · David Merleau · 5 - 30 Sep, 2020
  • Walking Event SWS20

    A leap into the sonic future: Taking stock of the possibilities of locative audio for drama – and drama for locative audio

    NG Bristow
    David Merleau
    Ralph Hoyte
    Francesca Panetta
    Duncan Speakman
    · 2020-09-08 18:00