15 Mar 2018 | The Walking Library

The Walking Library for a Wild City

The Walking Library is delighted to be making a new Walking Library to map Glasgow as a Wild City, in collaboration with the artist Alec Finlay as part of the European Championship Festival 2018. Wild City is a program of participative walks, public readings, and workshops that will culminate in a book and blog mapping new walks through rewilded streets. […]

13 Sep 2014 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Adrienne Scullion on 23 August 2014

   Saligo Bay to Machir Bay, Islay I am walking with my friend and colleague, Adrienne. Late August in Scotland can feel like early autumn, but waking up in Port Charlotte today, the sun glistening off a calm and beautifully clear Loch Indaal, summer is still here at least. It’s many years since I’ve visited […]

11 Jul 2014 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Graeme Miller on 19 June 2014

  Greenhithe to Swanscombe Peninsula I am walking with Graeme Miller, who walked into my life some years ago with such a vibrant intelligence that I was determined to keep him in it. Sending a 40 Walks invitation in 2009 and holding him to delivering on it proved to be a successful strategy. I haven’t […]

15 Jun 2014 | The Walking Library

Walking Library for Eigg Primary School 2014

In February 2014, the Walking Library visited the Isle of Eigg. A highlight of our trip was dropping in to Eigg Primary School, accompanied by a Walking Library sack of books. Every book carried was suggested by a member of the Walking Artists Network. The question the Walking Library asked them was: “What book about walking would […]

05 May 2014 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Beanie Bell on 25 April 2014

Fortrose I am walking with my good friend Beanie. Beanie and I have been friends since our undergraduate days in Theatre Studies. The second walk I did for 40 Walks was with Beanie’s daughter, Eloise. And now I’m at Walk 38. I am so immensely glad that we are here, taking time out to walk […]

25 Sep 2013 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Alex Kelly on 19 September 2013

Berwickshire Coastal Path Border Walk I am walking with Alex Kelly. Alex was born in Walsall, lives in Sheffield, and works in Sheffield and Leeds (as well as travelling a lot with the theatre company, Third Angel). His mum was born in Drumchapel, lived in Dundee, then Dublin and for many years in Walsall, but […]

25 Feb 2013 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Clare Thornton on 18 February 2013

Bristol I am walking with Clare. Clare was at University with me but in more recent years our paths have crossed mostly at live art festivals. The frantic bustle of festivals leaves little time for proper talking (lots of people, lots of work to see, lots of interruptions, lots of half-spoken thoughts and unfinished sentences…) […]

10 Feb 2013 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Mary Nixon on 2 February, 2013

Conwy I am walking with my Aunty Sos (proper name Mary Nixon, née Mary Duncalf). I also like to think that we are walking with my mum, Prunie (proper name June Heddon, née June Duncalf). June was one of 12 siblings who grew up in the small town of Conwy, in North Wales. My Aunty Sos […]

17 Jun 2012 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Claire MacDonald on 9 June 2012

Culzean I am walking with my friend Claire MacDonald. Claire seems to have accidentally arrived in my life (I wrote about the theatre company she co-founded, Impact, and she then invited me to join a research project). There are so many connections and overlaps in our lives that I am profoundly grateful for the accident. […]

10 Jun 2012 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Jen Harvie on 27 May 2012

Lea Valley Walk I am walking the Lea Valley Walk with Jen Harvie. Jen was completing her PhD in Glasgow just as I was beginning mine, and then moved to London shortly after. She is a bright spark in a network of connections, someone I enjoy bumping into at conferences and wish I had time […]

28 May 2012 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Natalie Wilson on 19 May 2012

  Friston Forest & The Seven Sisters I am walking with Natalie, a firm friend first made at university. Spring has been very slow in coming – wet and or/windy and/or unseasonably cold. Natalie has premonitions of walking in giant hailstones and so it is that I am instructed to carry with me from Glasgow […]

12 Dec 2011 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Joyce MacDougall on 3 December 2011

Kilchrenan It is Saturday 3rd December – my 42nd birthday – and I am walking with my Aunty Joyce, down the single track roads of Kilchrenan. Kilchrenan was the first place I lived – from 0 to 8 years. Eight years is a long time for a child – especially when it’s the first eight […]