28 Sep 2015 | driftingspace


For the Plymouth Art Weekender 2015 festival Driftingspace produced a short video piece on the changing terrain and topography of Devonport and Mount Wise in Plymouth. The work combines our interests in the building typologies, materialities and landscape naming of the regeneration of the area.  The work was show no n the Mayor’s Parlour at the […]

23 Oct 2014 | driftingspace

Textually Active: Beating The Bounds

Driftingspace led a walk that responded to artists’ work in the four venues displaying the Walk On exhibition in Plymouth. This was the first ambulatory event for Textually Active as we wandered parts of the city plan, playing on artistic ideas of walking arts practice. It included all, none, or some of the following: Establishing desire lines Making the bounds Pointing […]

13 Oct 2014 | driftingspace

Coming Up: driftingspace at Counter

driftingspace is delighted to be showing at Counter: Plymouth’s Artists’ Book Fair on Sunday, 19th October, 2014 where we will be presenting: Still Shot Dialogue Narrative Diagrammatics Drawings Microtexts Scripts Ephemeral Makings