14 Apr 2018 | asiwandered

1300 Miles of Winter – These Days

Days when I couldn't see my hands in front of my face through the fog. Days of rain, stomping through snow, charging at the wind and not really moving forward. Days running from cows, climbing hills, sliding down. Days spent staring out at the sea, whi...

30 Sep 2017 | asiwandered

It Dawned On Me

This time. Held in suspense byBranches once delicate, gnarledFingers stretch out over years toHold back weathered sky. Paused. Shifted from shadow byDrops in flight; animated Fragments that fill my lungsAs I too still. Movement is elsewhere, andIn its ...

16 Aug 2017 | asiwandered


Wrapped up warm. It was odd to be here, layered up. Out of place despite the drizzle that dripped down my cheeks and radiated up from the concrete heat. Humidity pressed as close as the crowds that thronged around and I had no umbrella. Stood still, we waited for a sleeper to take us to a different world and out of the city.The night wound and twisted around us as we rolled North. Flat plains buckled and folded before us until the slopes steepened and we could taste the crisper air; a toy train

28 Jul 2017 | asiwandered

Cycling Denmark’s West Coast: Sunsets, snakes and serious amounts of porridge!

'TU MADRE NO HA PREPARADO EL CAFE PARA MI??!'I was shouting at the distinctly uninterested cows as I struggled forward barely moving on the never ending sand track.'TU PADRE NO HA PREPARADO LA PAELLA PARA MI??!'It was all getting a bit desperate now. To me the answer was obvious: I hate coffee, and it was far to early in the morning to be thinking about paella. Oblivious, the voice in my earphone had me repeating the phrases until the whole exercise turned into one of catharsis (and thus the

16 Jul 2017 | asiwandered

Landscaping Nature

I would like to take you on a walk through the Cotswold's picturesque landscape. After all, in the Cotswolds can be found the definition of 'picturesque'. Follow, if you will, a narrow path wound tight against the golden walls of a wool church. Take care not to tread on the crumbling gravestone stacked alongside each other as jigsaw pieces slotting in a puzzle, out to the edges of a neat little walled enclosure. Swing open the rusted ‘kissing gate’ an...

24 Jun 2017 | asiwandered

May the Forth be With You

On the forth of may this year, armed with a map, old boots and plenty of flapjack we set off on our hundred mile journey along the Cotswold escarpment. I did search for a lightsaber but upon finding a large stick - and having seen many a sturdy looking walker swinging a branch around - I decided it would certainly be enough of a substitute to help us on our quest.We left Chipping Camden behind us after an obligatory battle for the perfect selfie against a Japanese tourist bus that had just

04 Jun 2017 | asiwandered

The Cotswold Way

This spring I walked the Cotswold Way, a whole one hundred miles through outstanding natural beauty. For me it was a journey of rediscovery. I had thought this landscape familiar me, having spent all of my childhood years nestled happily within it, and yet every day brought new discoveries of old paths, emerging spring flowers, buildings and houses I had forgotten and old stories new to me.Ivor Gurney, a Gloucestershire-born poet, once wrote that ‘the gathered loveliness&...

02 Jun 2017 | asiwandered

Paths Through History

I have always felt enticed by paths that twist and turn, working their way through the land, disappearing suddenly, only to emerge again having wound round a knoll or field. My favourite paths are those Holloways that surround and envelop you as you walk. The name of these tunnels through nature stems from the Anglo-Saxon Hol weg meaning sunken path, carved from persistent passage of feet, animals, wheels and weather. Framed and darkened by overhanging branches and twisting vines, save bright

01 Jun 2017 | asiwandered

A Wandering Mind

The pace at which we walk naturally is an individual one. When we walk to the rhythm of our bodies, our minds, in tune and in time with our legs, wander also. Walking at your own pace seems to create a feedback loop between our mental state and our body’s rhythm. One recent paper, aptly named ‘Give Your Ideas Some Legs’, demonstrated the positive effect of walking on creative thinking in particular. It is not an uncommon observation that movement and thinking for are intertwined for m...