14 Dec 2018 | jademontserratdotcom

(Some Possibilities Of) Rural Belongings

Join in celebrating this extraordinary moment with me – this week marked 70 years of the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) – and coincidentally the launch of my transport for London, Art on the Underground  night tube map cover commission The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the General Assembly […]

25 Oct 2018 | jademontserratdotcom

A difficult dance, again and again, for 24 hours.

Revue will be performed Thursday 25 October (tomorrow!) from 17:30 BST until Friday 26 October 17:30 BST at the SPILL Festival of Performance. The work is also being live streamed in: London: Live Art Development Agency – www.thisisliveart.co.uk New York:  La Mama – www.lamama.org Chicago: The School of Art Institute Chicago – www.saic.edu Brussels: CIFAS – http://www.cifas.be/en And online for the […]

19 Apr 2018 | jademontserratdotcom

Price on Request

Hello, This post is about the work I am exhibiting in there’s something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of a (title) at The Showroom, London which runs until 5 May 2018. The exhibition represents the culmination of our commitment to the year long Holding Space artist programme at The Showroom. The work, titled Price […]

13 Mar 2018 | jademontserratdotcom

Art in the Service of Life

https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/410061639&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true“> I delivered a paper (always in development) detailing recurring themes in the work such as the necessity of decolonisation, the notion of Affectionate Movement, ecologies of care, and the demands placed on bodies within and outside the performance space...

13 Nov 2017 | jademontserratdotcom

What will white culture have to do?

Presented at The What Should White Culture Do? Art, Politics, Race symposium, Royal College of Art, Saturday 11 November 2017, 12:30pm Dear friends, let us remember Glissants words “Every time an individual or community attempts to define its place in it, even if this place is disputed, it helps blow the usual way of thinking […]

05 Dec 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Rainbow Tribe: Affectionate Movement

 Instagram: @c21rainbowtribe Twitter: @c21rainbowtribe Facebook: Rainbow Tribe (c21rainbowtribe) Rainbow Tribe: Affectionate Movement a LADA DIY 13 workshop, supported by hÅb, led by Ria Hartley and myself.  Our workshop is called The Rainbow Tribe: Affectionate Movement* and the ambition is that it will continue to allow participants to benefit from re-addressing power relationships in relation […]

05 Dec 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Shadowing Josephine | Revue 

Photo credit: Matthew Noel-Tod, stills from performance of Shadowing Josephine, Outpost, Norwich 2016  Rainbow Tribe drawings, Jade Montserrat, 2016 On Dec 16 Shadowing Josephine will be performed at Panoply Lab in New York especially. Although I’m working to develop the performance next year to show a transformative Black body, transcending the exhaustion that I currently […]

24 Nov 2016 | jademontserratdotcom


“Abjection traces the silhouette of society on the unsteady edges of the self; it simultaneously imperils social order with the force of delirium and disintegration.”McClintock, Anne., Imperial Leather: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest Image: Manuel Vason In advance of the most recent performance of Communion at Steakhouse Live Festival: Longer Wetter Faster […]

28 Oct 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Burial, the Brontes and Lost Children, a text and film performance at IBAR UCLan symposium Lost Children: The Black Atlantic and Northern Britain Friday 1st May 2015

Peat “Reproduction and death condition the immortal renewal of life: they condition the instant which is always new. That is why we can have a tragic view of the enchantment of life, but that is also why tragedy is the symbol of enchantment. The entire romantic movement may have heralded this, but that late masterpiece, […]

19 Apr 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Market Prices (edit) 

“Museums are about things not feelings.” JOAN BAKEWELL, The Bronte Business, BBC 1977 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p027vyvp/the-bronte-business “…a man may carry his own pyre.” W. G. SEBALD, The Rings of Saturn The expansion of the research into Market Prices saw the installation become a stage-like repository at HOARD in Leeds where it was presented as a collection of […]

13 Aug 2015 | jademontserratdotcom

As if, in passing, she says my black, it’s fake!

Jade Montserrat responds to Simone Leigh’s brief “If the World’s Fair Pavilions were a recreation of the colonial project while it was still happening, what does the Venice Bienniale do?” On reaching The Probable Trust Registry (2015; Venice Biennale installation + Participatory Group Performance): We talk with the Receptionist, she witnesses signatures and we engage…

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jademontserratdotcom 2015-08-10 09:37:38

Ntwrk11 is a peer group of artists who are each grappling with contemporary art practice in an exciting array of forms including performance, sound and imagery – the UK is experiencing an interesting moment culturally, economically and politically. We feel that the recent difficulties as experienced by spaces such as Iniva and Richmix are problematic…

10 Aug 2015 | jademontserratdotcom

Swallow the gap

Jade Montserrat responds to Shonagh Manson’s brief “It’s easy to despise the super yachts lining the grand canal as objects and symbols of privilege and inequality, but what more can the stories of the people who live and work on them tell us about the circulation of power?” – oh cool – yeah – so…

08 Jul 2015 | jademontserratdotcom

Sets and Spectacles: an Opening

A year has flown by since the upload and Shadowing Josephine has reached over 16,000 views on Vimeo. What started out as 3minute performance combining movements that helped begin situating  Josephine Baker research as ingenue and commanding celebrity against the repercussions of colonialism and segregation and inequalities that we continue to be challenged by today, […]