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Gregory works as a freelance scholar and consultant, and is currently developing The Architects Coach, a practice based on more than thirty years of international experience in architecture practice, undergraduate and postgraduate architecture, design, and business education, and continuing professional development education for architects. He supervises doctoral research and teaches at the University of Wales Trinity St David, Institute of Inner City Learning. An Australian Londoner, he lives in a small Kennington flat, and sometimes on his canal narrowboat, and performs carnival music. He has worked in architecture practice and office space analysis in Germany and UK, and has completed specialist courses on subjects including Italian stone in Verona, Swiss ceramics in Laufen and Austrian building electronics in Graz. During the recent pandemic, he completed a six month Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching and a 50 day course on positive intelligence. His PhD research investigated the roles of diverse street occupations in inner city station areas in London and Frankfurt. His thesis at the University of Westminster in London is “Occupying Streets: Street Design in Railway Station Areas in London and Frankfurt” (2015). In short, his research analyses diverse placemaking aspects of streets, balancing motorised transport uses with pedestrian conviviality interests in design and planning, distinctiveness and the urban noir...


To drag along the ground, to trail or hang untidily, as in “He was streelin’ along behind us all the way home.” from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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