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Peter Coyte

Peter Coyte

Peter is a sound artist & composer based in Whitstable, Kent.
His music career began as multi media ambient artist Shape Navigator on Dick O’Dell’s cult label Guerrilla Records in the 1990s and worked with artists such as Seal, David McAlmont, Echobelly. Metallica & Heartless Crew.
Theatre soundtracks include David Morrissey’s Macbeth, Roger McGough’s The Misanthrope, Twelfth Night with Matthew Kelly for the opening of the new Everyman Theatre, Juno & the Peacock with Niamh Cusack, Willy Russell with Con O’Neill & Leanne Best on the 35th anniversary production of Educating Rita, Stufish’s circus dance show Soho and The Royal Opening of The Darwin Centre.
Peter has had long term collaborations with choreographer Dora Frankel, directors Gemma Bodinetz, Peepolykus’ John Nicholson, circus professor John-Paul Zaccarini and poet/writer Salena Godden in their band Saltpeter.
He is also a member of the experimental improvising ensemble Automatic Writing Circle with Thomas Gardner using field recordings & live sounds.
His film soundtracks include five multi award winning feature documentaries by Francois Verster and Joanna Callaghan’s debut feature film Love in The Post – From Plato to Derrida.


Do you like to stroll? Are you a fan of roaming? Then you should give stroaming a try. This is a word blend, just like brunch. In her 1796 novel Camilla, Frances Burney described a character who “stroamed into the ball-room, with the most visible marks of his unfitness for appearing in it.” The OED indicates that stroaming involves “long strides” and/or idleness, so watch your form and attitude when out on a stroam. Credits to Mark Peters.

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