I was born in Rosario in 1968. I´ve been (and continue to be ) a children´s school teacher in a
vulnerable southwest neighborhood of my city during the last 25 years. I studied and then
worked in the social psicology field in the Pichon Riviere´s School during the nineties and in the
turn of the millennium following and allowing learning processes in grassroots groups and
communities in the middle of big crisis in my country (including women´s groups related with
ecology and medio ambiente). I studied several courses on Languages, Literature and
Anthropology in my local public university. Nowadays I´m deeply interested and involved in
how socioambiental education, arts and different people´s cosmovivencias (from
southamerican pueblos originarios to Shrinrin Yoku practices and Buddhism) can inspire us to
co-create a more caring and interbeing-sensitive world.

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