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An Eyeglass zine with photographs and written text by Julius Smit.


“Breathtaking shots and a much-needed dose of poignant intelligence.”

Julius Smit

Photography, film and writing (poetry, fiction or non-fiction) are central to my creative walking practice in which I apply aspects of psychogeography to interrogate spaces and places, together with their connections and histories as physical or imaginary...

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Post Marŝarto23
Introducing Marŝarto, the walking art award

6 Feb, 2023

We are happy and excited to announce the creation of the Marŝarto Awards, recognising walking art from all over the world.

Walking Home shortlist published in an illustrated chapbook

11 Mar, 2022

Announcing the publication of WALKING (2022) (see feature image) ISBN 978-1-912960-95-8, the illustrated anthology of poetry and prose that includes the shortlisted pieces in the "Walking Home" writing competition. €4.99+p&p

Experiment: Pay by walking

13 Jul, 2022

We're running an experiment: Over the next few months, you can pay for tickets to our cafés by walking.

Walking Brain box

3 Jan, 2022

Uhambo Luyazilawula (Embodied Wandering Practices)

27 Feb, 2023

Walking Event
A Walk in the Park, a collaborative portrait of the Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre, Brussels

9 - 16 Jun, 2023


Rue Raphaël 23, Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium

A visual art exhibition in Brussels from Friday June 9 to Friday June 16, 2023, at STREETVIEW, Rue Raphael 23, Anderlecht, Brussels

The Illustrated Woman
Creative Walking

16 Apr, 2023

What it really feels like to be a person who doesn’t take a dog on a walk

3 Mar, 2023

Kelly Writers House at Penn hosts a 10 day discussion group on walking…

10 Mar, 2023

Open call for partners: “Beat a situationist”

10 Jun, 2021

This is an open call for partner organisations to collaborate on a hybrid and collaborative workshop in September. Read on for details.

Why you should walk barefoot on a Caribbean beach: an acrostic wonder of wanders

16 Apr, 2023