29 Sep 2020

Mapping a digital quipu

Elspeth (Billie) Penfold is a textile artist who brings her experience of teaching and research into performative work. In 2012 she formed the arts group Thread and Word. Through call outs and personal invitation Elspeth works collaboratively with invited artists and academics to develop performative walks. Elspeth was born in Bolivia, and she likens the digital threading of texts with the physical threading of Andean quipus.

01 Apr 2020

Tracing the Bonelines; a walk at home in 13 instalments

Phil Smith is an associate professor at the University of Plymouth. He is an academic researcher, writer and artist specialising in walking, site-specific performance, dramaturgy and mythogeographies. Because of COVID19 and much of the world being under quarantine, he decided to release his ‘secret’ work Bonelines in weekly instalments, bringing a Lovecraftian experience to walkers-at-home. A couple of years ago, … More

11 Mar 2020

Introducing the Sound Walk September Advisory Board

With not just a little bit of pride, we present our newly minted Sound Walk September Advisory Board. Combining many years of expertise in connection to walking and sound walking, from a broad range of backgrounds across the globe, we foresee that the knowledge and understanding that these specialists bring to the table will allow us to take Sound Walk September to the next level.

04 Mar 2020

The mycelial web, developed hundreds of millions of years ago, now on your cellphone

David Merleau was one of the two winners in last year’s Sound Walk September. His piece, Forest Talk Radio, set in Ontario, Canada, weaves together folktales and forest science to produce a radio comedy experience delivered right to your smartphone. Here, David talks about his work.  For decades I have been fascinated, some could say obsessed, by three seemingly unrelated things: … More

19 Feb 2020

Touched by sound in Munich

Last year, for Sound Walk September 2019, Mathis Nitschke received an honourable mention for his piece Inside Mphil. Here’s Mathis in his own words. I’m a music composer working regularly with orchestras, a fascinating and thrilling experience, especially when you can be really close to the musicians: the notion “touched by sound” actually turns into a physical experience here. Making … More

15 May 2019

June 7: Exploring with Sound Walks

In preparation for the upcoming Sound Walk Sunday in September, the British Library, together with the Museum of Walking, is hosting Exploring with Sound Walks on June 7, 2019.

02 Jul 2017 | Dérive app

Join us for Dérive Day 2017

On 9 September 2017, explore your city with others around the world through randomly generated and synchronised tasks that are simultaneously drawn whether you’re in Rio or Rome, Kampala or Kuala Lumpur. After too long a hiatus, Dérive Day is back on S...