25 Nov 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking Meetings: What Are They Good For?

The walking meeting is very fashionable at the moment. However, offices now have so much to offer. They can be beautiful spaces with lots of light, cool furniture and even free refreshments. So, why would we leave this comfortable space to go out and battle with the elements? Here are the main reasons that it … Walking Meetings: What Are They Good For?Read More »

05 Apr 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Are you a coach that works while walking? (And what about the weather?)

Have you tried coaching while walking? ‘Invigorating’, ‘Inspiring’, ‘Great for shifting perspective and getting unstuck!’ These are some of the reflections on coaching walking made by a crowd of AoEC coaching graduates who joined me last week to walk and talk while connecting with each other and London. Remarkably, after a spate of cold, rainy, … Are you a coach that works while walking? (And what about the weather?)Read More »

29 Oct 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Wonders of Walking Through TED Talks

Do you want a short, lively hit of walking wonder?  These TED talks extol the many virtues of walking from a variety of aspects.  Walking is free, can be done wherever you are and could literally change your life… Do you want to have more energy, better memory, improved mood and increased focus and attention?  … Wonders of Walking Through TED TalksRead More »

01 Oct 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Letting Go

The sun shone for our final Self-Boss Networking Walk.  It was a moving, bonding and uplifting experience.  We enjoyed the park at its colourful, green, blue skied, creative finest.  Conversation traversed cycling, walking art, Brexit, secondary schools, the National Park City movement and all manner of subjects, but was held together by a core exploration … Self-Boss Networking Walk – Letting GoRead More »

17 Sep 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

A Year of Self-Boss Networking Walks

We walked in all weathers and all seasons.  We walked with people engaged in all sorts of businesses and explored many routes through the Olympic Park.  Above all, we connected with each other.  We networked in an uplifting, different way and took time out to reflect on our work and how we work.  This has … A Year of Self-Boss Networking WalksRead More »

08 Aug 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Wellbeing

“The walk allowed me to make meaningful connections, share personal and business challenges and gain some fresh perspective. All within a beautiful setting that promoted clear thinking and new ideas to flourish.  I just loved this experience of fresh air networking. This is networking made easy (even for shy people as one only needs to talk to … Self-Boss Networking Walk – WellbeingRead More »

31 Jul 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Clients

The vibrant banks of flowers and pollinators in the Olympic Park took centre stage for this Self-Boss Networking Walk.  The netwalkers engaged with each other and the landscape to reflect on their business and the clients that are at the centre of their work.  The colourful flowers acted as a metaphor for the clients we … Self-Boss Networking Walk – ClientsRead More »

16 Jun 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Branding

The wall of flowers by the canal in the Olympic Park served as the centrepiece of our walk and discussion during May’s Self-Boss Networking walk.  We explored branding in our own business, investigating what we stand for, what we stand against and what we do and don’t do in our work.  Slowing down, we used … Self-Boss Networking Walk – BrandingRead More »

09 May 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

How to Turn an Every Day Walk into a Refreshing Micro-Retreat

We are so busy as we work.  Our minds and lives can be so full.  Sometimes so full that we feel stressed, overwhelmed and rushed.  We have no space to think clearly in order to develop the ideas needed to improve our work life.  Perhaps meditation or mindfulness can help.  But these practices may seem … How to Turn an Every Day Walk into a Refreshing Micro-RetreatRead More »

28 Feb 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Values

After a lively walk, this group of (mostly) strangers left feeling bonded and uplifted.  We shared an adventure together and reflected on our values and how they shape our business.  The networking walk participants walked, talked, laughed and explored through the East Village, British Garden and along canal.   The group enjoyed discovering how walking … Self-Boss Networking Walk – ValuesRead More »

01 Feb 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Vision

A sunny January day.  The networking walk participants take a refreshing wander through the wetlands, along the river Lea, through the Velopark and past the hockey centre.  The route and questions enable the walkers to reflect on their vision for 2018 and feel enthusiastic and focused on the changes they are aiming to bring about … Self-Boss Networking Walk – VisionRead More »

15 Jan 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

How could you benefit from joining a Self-Boss Networking Walk?

In time honoured fashion, December’s networking walk enabled participants to connect with each other while reflecting on the year.  After a heavy storm, the day of the walk offered bracing cold, sparkling sunshine and blue sky – perfect walking weather.  The route took the walkers through the East Village, wetlands and around the river.  For … How could you benefit from joining a Self-Boss Networking Walk?Read More »

10 Jan 2018 | writethemap

An invitation to walk creatively…

  We walk for many reasons – utility, leisure, relaxation. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Walking is an act of connecting, with ourselves, our thoughts, with the… Read more "An invitation to walk creatively…"

07 Dec 2017 | writethemap


by Josie Melia If I’d been a sheep in the North, I could have been hefted. Traditionally, ewes heft their lambs from an early age, teaching them… Read more "Hefted"

29 Nov 2017 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Motivation

It’s a surprisingly warm November day.  A group of strangers with diverse business backgrounds become a lively, supportive, adventurous gathering of self-bosses, through a walk in the Olympic Park.  This is a different kind of networking experience, a Self-Boss Networking Walk lead by Anise and designed to be uplifting, energising and positive. “The walk was inspiring, relaxing and […]

27 Nov 2017 | writethemap

What Does Walking Mean To Me?

  Maggie Peake describes her relationship with walking as ambiguous. One wet September morning, walking the South Downs, Maggie decided to ponder on the reasons for this,… Read more "What Does Walking Mean To Me?"

22 Nov 2017 | Walk Coach Learn

Is Walking Coaching For Me?

Walking coaching gives you the space to slow down and think with the push to get you moving and energised.  It is a walking adventure combining all the health benefits of a walk with the challenging, uplifting connection of working with an experienced coach.  The walk is focused on exploring your work and giving you: support a […]

14 Nov 2017 | writethemap

Walking, Writing, Connecting

Walking, Connecting and Creating Writing the Map has been exploring the dynamic relationship between place, walking and identity through a series of events and walkshops, focusing on… Read more "Walking, Writing, Connecting"