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Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

Introductions as a weather forecast:
– Mornings begin with a chill, but as the day progresses it gets warmer with occasional foggy patches around noon.
– Currently feeling very close with heavy rain, thunder, lightning and clouds!
– Temperature fluctuating Sunshine and light predicted in 8 days
– Blue skies sweeping across London, with steadily growing warmth as we head towards Spring. Small chance of intermittent showers. Remember to rail at the storm clouds like King Lear if they appear.
– British (apologetically). Unpredictable. Predominantly overcast, with scattered showers and sunny intervals. Yearns for thunder and tropical humidity.
– After heavy rain overnight, as predicted, the sky this morning is clear, but criss-crossed with a tartan cloth of con trails disappearing overhead going to who knows where – but all either in one direction or its opposite.
– Expect sunny intervals at first with occasional build up of cloud. Look out for unpredictable squalls.

What to you makes good writing:
Moves you on, let’s your imagine work, concise
Bright: punchy, surprising, relatable, fantastical, immersive
engagement, flow, good language, enables you to ‘be’ somewhere / something else
originality, conciseness, movement, accuracy, passion/feeling, empathy.
flow, emotional connection, imagery, well developed characters
It lingers, connects, resolves, sparks, thrills,
Combination of unexpected ideas: capitalist ruins

What makes for poor writing:
boring, confusing, unclear
no resolution, no turn or imagery or development or emotion
repetition, illogical
boring, disconnection
Predictable ideas / worn expressions
No forward movement, confusion, no cause and effect

One syllable Shoreline words:
glass salt sea breeze live
Bright: blue, beach, sand, warm, cold
Salt brine scrub tide crab weed
rock sand wave shell wet
Weeds, Sands, Time, Grit, Fresh
calm, sand, drenched, cool, wet

Two syllable Shoreline words:
swirling, rushing, freezing, lovely, sandy
Fishing brining saltspun
lobster, sea-weed, sand-dune, ice-cream, silted
sandy water seaward open expanse
fishy, swashy, murky, muddy,

Three syllable Shoreline words:
horizon disappear unyielding
liminal, magical,
mystery, astonish,
sonourous, beachcomber, mariner, fisherman,
Fishermen sailorteaked saltwindburned
Collecting, Fisherman, Liminal, littoral

Shoreline words used in haiku:
Collecting seaweed

Fisherman beachcomber calm

collecting seashells
salt windburned her lips

words swam liminal

Sea breeze brines the shore
liminal collecting tide

saltspun sand grits all

collecting brine rocks
murky breeze liminal rush

salt weeds astonish

Saltspun mariner
Magical rushing expanse

Liminal swirling

Intertidal zone
Molluscs tighten on the rock

Wait for the turning

Littoral fish perch
Fisherman counting his catch
Magical mystery

Gut draft – starting: After the spring rain…

Shoreline outdoor verbs:
sunbathing, car parking, loading the car picnicking, rock pooling, burying my brother in the sand, sand castle building, petanque, dingy sailing, paddling, wave jumping, body boarding, kite flying,
Gardening climbing jumping walking swimming riding sliding skating stomping sloshing tramping clambering paddling flying skipping tiptoeing creeping singing swinging running dancing
catapulting seagulls?
Socialise, Sail, Ski, Collect, Liberate
breathing, focussing, squinting,striding, wading, stretching, snapping, clambering, leaping, inhaling, watching, ambling, climbing

Haiku, prose or poetry submission opportunity – theme ‘emergence’ – Sussex wildlife Trust – deadline 28th Feb – max 150 words micro or 14 lines poetry or haiku

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