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Megan HicksMegan Hicks

As a pedestrian urban explorer I have long considered the camera a necessary accessory but not simply for recording what I’ve passed along the way. As many writers before me have noted, the camera has the power to affect what photographers see – it gives them the impulse to keep looking, it teaches them to notice the ordinary as well as the extraordinary, and it becomes a tool of engagement that encourages reflection. Do others agree?

Murdo EasonMurdo Eason

Yes I do use the camera a lot when walking. I used to find an actual camera too cumbersome but phone cameras that can be easily slipped in and out of a pocket don’t appear to interrupt the rhythm of the walk and like you I find they encourage attention and reflection. Also find this useful for creating a visual diary which can record changes in the landscape over longer periods of time – seasonal change etc

Gary Sauer-Thompson

I always carry a camera with me on my early morning and late afternoon poodlewalks along the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The camera helps me be ‘in the moment’ and to see things that I would not normally notice. The photography becomes very meditative as I become a part of, or within, what is around me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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