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Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

Welcome and thank you for volunteering to read aloud poetry and prose during Sound Walk September. We are in the ‘build stage’ of the platform through which people will be able to submit written pieces and audio recordings of read-aloud pieces. We would really welcome ideas and suggestions from volunteers about how we can make Shorelines (a it is going to be called) a huge success.

There are lots of things we need to consider, not least permissions for material that is still in copyright and not written by the person who submits it. We need to get the wording right on the website so that we don’t fall into infringement. Do let us know what your thoughts are?

We also need to consider setting a word limit on the length of written pieces. This is more to do with the time it takes to read aloud long passages of prose, and storage capacity of the audio files that these recordings will have. Our first thoughts are 250 – 300 words which might take between 2 to 3 minutes to read aloud. Maybe you can put us right on that?

We would also welcome your suggestions for out of copyright prose or poetry we should include – of which they could be whole pieces or fragments / extracts from – do you have any specific Thames inspired work you feel we should include?

As you can guess, we are trying to appeal to a broader audience than just those who may have had a Thames-side experience. We need to be a bit more diverse, so we have chosen Shorelines, so that submissions can include any river, lake or coastal area.

And our objective is to encourage people to compose / write new pieces inspired shorelines -s o if you have suggestions as to how we might achieve that, do share your ideas.

And as a volunteer, would you feel more comfortable if we dew up a volunteer agreement for you to sign?

Many thanks, Andrew

Phoebe Demeger

Hi Andrew,
The first quote that came to mind for me when introduced to Shorelines was from Sarah Waters’s novel ‘Fingersmith’. I’d have to look up the exact wording but it’s from early on in the novel and quite a short quote (perhaps a paragraph?), when one of the protagonists has just arrived in countryside having grown up in the centre of London, and is astounded to realise that the quiet river that flows through the fields is the same wide and bustling river that flows through London. I’m not sure how this would fit in with copyright concerns but it is a lovely and pertinent quote.

Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

Hi Phoebe

That novel is new to me, so I must search it out.

Sadly, yes as you have guessed it is in copyright, so therefore we can’t use it within the “Shorelines” project – we are going to have to only accept new written work or something that is unpublished.

We have taken some advice from the British library, and they say that in citizen-sourced projects like this one, some people pass off copyrighted work as their own! And other older works are difficult to ascertain the copyright position.

So we will be writing terms and conditions not only about not submitting copyrighted work, but we also have to consider performances and reading aloud – performance rights will have to be waived and we need to be sure that the audio rights are not copyrighted.

We will be a using a commons license – people who submit written or spoken work will have to be prepared to allow their work to be shared under such a license.

However, back to your suggestion of an extract from this title – what may be a smart move will be if we write a blog about popular works on the theme of Shorelines, within which we can mention titles, and use a short quote, under fair usage. Let’s see what other recommendations people suggest.

Thanks for raising this.

Best, Andrew

Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

One third of the way through September and we have had about 30 written submissions to Shorelines, but only a handful of recitals – what is holding our volunteer voices back?

Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

At a recent “How to make a sound walk” workshop we asked participants to come up with 2 or 3 syllable rhyming words that evoked Shorelines – so if you are combining unstuck while trying to write a submissions to Shorelines, here are those words as a handy prompt:

(In Dutch) borrelend water, korrelige bodem, ribbelige wolken weerspiegeld in de golven
mudlark, Cutty Sark, Tourist shark
endless space, promise of a journey
shimmering shingle
marooned festooned
A hesitant threshold
Tide in tide out
a permeable border rising and falling with the moon
Side-by-side. A meeting. The water greeting the land.
Dipper, skipper, clipper
wake waves on the Thames shore by the Tate
Go Flow Low
an invitation, an edge, shallows
where edges flow among me
lost whale
See me, sea me
the splash of oars ripple out
Edge, reeds, marsh, eddy
lapping waves
Swirling shimmering
Puddle, pebble, paddle, babble
Gates to the old gardens flowing down
Pier jetty, tidal Thames to the open sea , bridges
ship’s horn
Wave lets me in
An island on an island off an island
Tidal change, laps the shore
and deepness submerges the thought of breathing
jutting jetty
washing up in disappearing lines
Swans fly by
sluggish flow
beached jellyfish
squawking seagulls
Unlikely creation of land
swimming through reeds
lines of light

Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

At our second “How to make a sound walk” workshop we asked participants to come up with 1, 2 or 3 syllable rhyming words that evoked Shorelines or rhymed with Chalke and Ebble, the two rivers in the Cranborne Chase Landscape Partnership Area:

kelp, shell, ship, masts, shingle, pebble
obvious, but walk
ripple… wobble
ebb, flow
thrift – drift
Turns turning seaweed
bubbly, lovely,
wave, grave, safe
chalk – dark, walk, edge ; pebble – stubble, rubble, reddle, broken, level
gulls, ripples, foam,
rushing, sparkling
bramble ramble barbs shards over clover river slither
the heron stalks the chalk through reeds and steep banks
tumble, bumble
waders, flotsam, jetsam
sand, land
tumble, rumble
sheep, steep
splash, crash
puffins, spray, tide, undertow,
breathe, leave, sigh, sky
can shoreline have sound or just words
drone, phone
plunge, sponge
drip drop slip plop
shimmer, glimmer
Ripple, stipple
shimmer glimmer
lapping, sand, swim, bubbles
fish, wish, dish, hiss
swash, backwash
eddy ready threaded steady heady

Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

“The Spaces between the Words” was panel discussion on locative literature chaired by Geert Vermeire during which we invited participants to write and recite haiku inspired by Shorelines…our fist activity was to think up 1, 2 or 3 syllable words (some rhyming) that are inspired by river, lake, sea or ocean shorelines:

wet foamy pondering
salty, faulty
sand dunes
flowing glow of skin
Slosh, splash
bright water
rolling waves
bubbles splosh flow
green glint
tide, surf, shingle, mingle
trickle, gurgle
not drowning
line of silver
murmle, gurgle
wide tidal
drift, shift, hollow, flow
salty sprays
shush crush seal
wash, settle
tweedy weedy greedy
floating, boating
shingly tingly singly
crunchy scrunchy munchy
misty, mashy

Andrew Stuck
Andrew Stuck

“The Spaces between the Words” was panel discussion on locative literature chaired by Geert Vermeire during which we invited participants to write and recite haiku inspired by Shorelines…our second activity was to work in groups to write 5 or 7 syllable lines for a haiku – why not choose three lines form the ones below and create your own haiku?

(5) Foamy pondering
(7) green glint and line of silver
(5) Calm estuary
We have a haiku!
(5) edge the single pulse
(3) Slowly foam
(5) Free for all I think!
(5) The spit of shingle
(5) silt between my toes
(7) into the salty gloaming
(5) – blue crest salty sprays
(5) storm surge ended now
(5) meander slowly
(7) the loudness touches the toes
(5) swimming not singing
(5) the blue tide sweeps in
(7) – tideflat ripples slowly flow
(5) Moving edge flows deep
(5) Salt marsh and wet feet
(5) Up and over the shingle
(7) Tidal wash seeps into boots
(5) barnacle silt feet
Great initiative! I’ve recorded a submission for shorelines!
(7)swimming silently through reeds
(7) Shells settle on the shoreline
(7) spray bright oh foamy tideflat

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