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Hitting the streets: inspiration for walkers

9 Jun, 2024

The days are getting longer as we approach midsummer, a time in the ancient world when the boundaries between the human and spirit realms were thought to blur, when spirits and fairies could contact humans, and humans could exceed their usual limitations. It’s also the perfect time to go exploring on foot, so here's some inspiration to get your walking shoes on:

Podcast Alert: Why not listen to the latest Talking Walking episode featuring WLC’s Andrew Stuck chatting to Greek dramaturg Anasthasia Polychronidou. They discuss a summertime Walking Art Encounter in Prespes, Greece, and delve into the unique challenges women face and the perspectives they gain by walking in public spaces.

Women on the Move: Dive deeper into the theme of women walking with our recent Walking Writers Salon guest Kerri Andrews’s book Way Makers. The follow-up to her bestseller Wanderers, this anthology showcases women's writing about walking across the centuries, from poetry and novels to diaries. It explores walking as a source of creativity, a way to navigate emotions, and a sometimes-complicated activity for women, tinged with adventure and danger.  

Born to Walk: For more on this theme, grab a copy of Windswept by Annabel Abbs. This book is a great blend of memoir, travelogue, and history. Abbs weaves her own experiences with those of six extraordinary women who felt who felt the need for wilderness and discovered power and defiance in walking.

Calling All Writers and Sound Artists!
Feeling inspired? We have two exciting competitions for you:

Walking Together: Submit your poems or stories (250 words or less) to our annual fiction writing competition for your chance to be part of our fourth Walking anthology! The theme is Walking Together - open to your interpretation. Cash prizes and artworks up for grabs!

Sound Walk September Awards: This one’s for creatives of all kinds! Get ready for the September Sound Walk Awards, celebrating the art of audio walks and listening. Open to everyone! Create audio walks and win prizes up to 1000 euros.  

Go forth Pilgrim: Check out our website for more upcoming events, including Oliver Smith discussing his new book On This Holy Island, a tale of modern pilgrimage across Britain’s sacred landscapes, from remote sea caves to Neolithic tombs. 16 July.  

We hope we’ve given you some motivation to get walking and creating!

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To walk slowly, reticently, scuffing shoes on path, hold back in a belligerent way.

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