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3 Jun, 2024

Global Repeat Day happens each year on June 3.
It is a reminder that repeating is not always a bad thing, on the contrary, repeating is an opportunity, a way to go back to.

Scientists believe that repeated experiences offer significant benefits. Often, we don't fully appreciate an experience the first time due to distractions or life stressors. Revisiting the experience provides another chance to truly enjoy it. This principle applies to many aspects of life.

Repetition is also crucial for learning new skills, often described as "the mother of all learning." Through practice, a conscious skill can shift to the subconscious. Repeating an action until it becomes second nature means we no longer have to think about it.

In the Lyceum, Aristoteles allegedly was repeatedly walking while lecturing in the walkways under the collonades, leading to the foundation of the peripatetic school of philosophy.
This lived on in the monastic life, both Christian as Buddhist, with monks reading and repeatedly walking in the corridors of the monasteries.
Ironically repeated walks were part of our daily lives during the pandemic.

Chorus, what came to signify a refrain or repeat in music comes from the ancient Greek theatre, and a chorus consisted of the voices on the stage that commented on everything that happened in the play, by a group of actors walking around.

Walking is one of the things that, by doing it again and again, is still not and never the same, it provokes to see your same environment each time in a different way and to think differently. That’s exactly what this day is all about!

After all, walking reflects completely the assumption, if it’s worth doing once; it’s worth doing again!

So walk again, retrace your paths, on the double!

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shoggle, worple

Since the 1500s, shoggle has been a word for various sorts of shaking. No wonder it became a word for unsteady walking in the 1800s. Zombies and toddlers are big shogglers. Another term sometimes applied to such precarious ambling is warpling. Credits to Mark Peters.

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