16 Apr, 2023

Only open on the second Sunday of the month, and only accessible on foot, the old Jewish Cemetery in Vienna, was an extraordinary discovery that we stumbled upon earlier today.

It was in use between 1770 and 1870, and has managed to avoid being built on, owing to an unusual Judaic law. Once your are buried, you own the plot in which you are buried, so when it comes to purchasing land for housing, or creating a park, as so happened to the adjacent Christian cemetery, the purchaser would have to settle with hundreds of dead owners, so through time they haven't bothered. Inevitably it was vandalised during the Second World War, with graves losing any adornments that could be melted down for war use, and owing to neglect since, it has endured weathering and the encroachment of plants and trees. However, the occupants of some 4,000 graves have been identified, and for the last four years, a group of volunteers assisted by the City of Vienna, have begun to reinstate the cemetery as it would have been.

Vienna is often talked about as an easily walked city, however, that is not entirely the case - what makes Vienna something special is that it has reliable and extensive public transport, that is significantly subsidised, so that it is easy and cheap to get to places from which walking is made more convenient. As Londoners, what we've found is that so many of Vienna's streets lack any greenery, and very few are lined with street trees. So a square with a bar, coffee shop or restaurant is a very welcome sight...

During the past week, although in Vienna, we've managed to run two online events:

a very popular creative writing workshop to launch our annual writing competition on Walking A/way, the theme of which, was chosen by Cheryl Markosky and Tony Horitz, our writers-in-residence, who also facilitated the workshop;

and an intriguing and provocative Walking Writers' Salon with Dave Borthwick, of which you can view the video recording from here.

Coming up, we have Simon Cole aka Hackney Tours, taking us on an investigation into the parlance state of refugees trying to reach the UK, in a walk · listen · cafe on Tuesday and then early in May, Linda Cracknell will be our guest for another Walking Writers' Salon. We hope you can join us online, and would like to thank you for your continuing support.

Meanwhile, keep walking.

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18 Apr · Tue · 18:00 (UTC) · Online
What goes on at Europe's borders, out of sight and out of mind? Simon Cole always loved the film Casablanca. Then 2020s life began to imitate 1940s art. Let's tease out treasure from the corridors of historical uncertainty. Keep reading
02 May · Tue · 18:00 (UTC) · Online
Meet the authors who are writing about walking and the landscapes through which we walk, at walk · listen · create’s Walking Writers Salons. We are delighted to have award-winning writer Linda Cracknell join us in May, talking about “Writing Landscape: Taking Note, Making Notes” , a collection of essays writing landsca... Keep reading

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Writers were asked to tell us their “Secrets of the Trees” in the Urban Tree Festival writing competition that walk · listen · create administered – their imaginations branched out, with more than 150 authors submitting poems and stories. The Top 12 shortlisted “secrets”, chosen by a team of volunteer judges that included past competition

Upcoming events

16 Apr · Sun · 15:00 (UTC) · Online
As part of the 2023 MK Lit Fest Springs Back! Festival, Cheryl Markosky and Tony Horitz, winners of the 2022 Write About Walking competition and our 2022/3 writers-... Keep reading
18 Apr · Tue · 18:00 (UTC) · Online
What goes on at Europe's borders, out of sight and out of mind? Simon Cole always loved the film Casablanca. Then 2020s life began to imitate 1940s art. Let's tease... Keep reading
22 Apr · Sat · 09:00 (UTC) · Braid Burn, Edinburgh, UK
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22 - 23 Apr, 2023 · 135 Junction Road, Kowloon Tsai, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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23 Apr · Sun · 12:00 (UTC) · Fruit Towers, Innocent Drinks, Ladbroke Grove, London, UK
We will walk and listen together along the canal, from Kensal Rise to Stonebridge Park, where we will end up in a cafe and have a chat. This route is 3.4 miles, but... Keep reading
24 Apr · Mon · 18:00 (UTC) · Online
We want to uncover the forgotten or not yet revealed walking compositions – will you help us in our detective work as we search through archives and make connection... Keep reading
28 Apr · Fri · 15:00 (UTC) · Saunders-Monticello Trail, 503 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville, VA 22902, United States
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