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Summers at the lake – get your feet wet for walking

30 Jun, 2024

Once again on my way to the airport, ironically adding another flight to the dozens every year, bringing me around the world as a Don Quixote of walking art, but the event where I travel to could not be more appropriate “Transhumance, nomadism and migrations”, the walking arts conference in and between Girona and the Lake of Banyoles, co-directed by me and Clara Gari, organized by Nau Coclea, in collaboration with Made of Walking and walk · listen · create (WLC). I will be joined by WLC co-founder. and advisor to the Catalonian conference, Andrew Stuck in another of our nomadic meetings. In hardly twelve months, we have met or will meet (and walk(ed) together) in Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Catalonia and Belgium, in most of these places accompanied by third WLC pillar Babak Fakhamzadeh with who I was in Brazil only a few weeks ago.

But back to Catalonia, where from tomorrow on till next Sunday the cream of the walking art community, from global north and south, will gather to top a cafe cortado. And what better to accompany a cortado with a free WALC Cafe tomorrow afternoon live and online from Girona, with a flavor of what waits next week. I will be talking with Igor Binsbergen, former walking artist in residence of Nau Coclea’s Grand Tour and soundwalker, together with Laroche (aka Luce Choules), itinerant artist founder and coordinator of the international artists’ network the Temporal School of Experimental Geography whose practice involves moving over and through places.

Warmed up by the verbal journeys of Igor Binsbergen and Luce Choules the cafe will continue with Clara Gari in the footsteps of the Grand Tour project, which for 10 years has been travelling the Catalan lands on foot. The event will include soundscapes generated by the walking on the Grand Tour. Together we will unveil the highlights of what will follow in Catalonia, with a glimpse of the programme: keynote lectures, walkshops, processions, walks, cinema and much more in five dizzying days.
For the ones who can not join us this year in Catalonia, you can start looking forward to the next Walking Arts Encounters, at the Lake of Prespa, in exactly one year from now, already the 4th edition of this other summit of walking arts, in the frame of the European project WALC - Walking Arts and Local Communities about which I will be talking at Lake Banyoles later this week.
From Summer to Summer these are highdays for walking at two lakes at two edges of the Mediterranean. Walking Life does not get better than that.

See you tomorrow in Girona or online!

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