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23 Apr, 2023

“Walking visions” is the topic of the Summer Summit of Walking, in Prespa, Greece.
From 3-9 July, in the wake of the Greek general elections, the creme de la creme of the walking arts world will come together once again at the Prepa lakes, at the borders of Greece, North Macedonia and Albania.
75 artists and researchers, coming from all sides of Europe, North-America, Latin-America and Oz, will be walking together, including myself and Andrew Stuck.
Andrew may charm you into talking to his microphone, or adventuring into walking haiku. If you are there you will get the chance to learn and create with our PlaceCloud platform for location-based podcasting.
walk · listen · create brings a lot of sound while walking, which may keep the local bears away. After all, we walk in a more than human world.
The meeting in Prespa will be a treat of walking with your feet rooted in the overwhelming nature of the Prespa natural park and its 4 villages, 60 km and a mountain climb away from the nearest town and nearest bus stop. The first edition after the pandemic, it celebrates walking in its purest and off-line form.
The Prespa walking encounters is about being and walking together during a week of walking and inspiring,
Introduced at the last encounters in 2021, we will walk not only together with others in Prespa, but as well simultaneously with the so-called HUBs, local collectives and groups walking with us in Canada, the US, Costa Rica, Switzerland and Corsica.
Why make your mouth water with this menu of walking if you did not apply as an artist or researcher? Because you can still join us, as an attendee, and immerse yourself in wild nature and walking arts by applying here, literally till the last week.
Just tell us who you are or drop us a note!
If you are not able to come, don’t despair, the HUBs will give a global taste by inviting you to walk remotely with them, and we will bring appetizers of Prespa to you, during walk · listen · cafe’s after the event. It will be a summer of walking for all after all.

See you in Prespa or online!

co-founder of walk · listen · create

Free for supporting members, open to everyone

02 May · Tue · 18:00 (UTC) · Online
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Writers were asked to tell us their “Secrets of the Trees” in the Urban Tree Festival writing competition that walk · listen · create administered – their imaginations branched out, with more than 150 authors submitting poems and stories. The Top 12 shortlisted “secrets”, chosen by a team of volunteer judges that included past competition

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Meet the authors who are writing about walking and the landscapes through which we walk, at walk · listen · create’s Walking Writers Salons. We are delighted to hav... Keep reading
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