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Urban exploration in Budapest

21 May, 2023

This coming week, Andrew, Geert, and myself come together for the second WLC summit. After the first meet-up, two years ago, in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, we will put our heads together to strategise and decide on how to take over the world, in the capital of Budapest. If you're around, come and say 'hi'.

We're also taking the opportunity to, together with Placcc, host a two-day workshop on urban exploration. We have a guest speaker who will walk us through the history of the suburb of Erzsébetváros, locally known as 'Csikágó', Chicago. And we'll dive into the tyranny of the corporate map, Situationism, and how to explore the city on your own terms.

Read up on the event here. Perhaps we will see you there.

To stay in the anti-capitalist mood, which incidentally is the best mood to be in, for our next café on May 30, Bob Parks returns as our café guest, where we will discuss, amongst other things, the conceit of modernism.

Then, you might recall I went on this wander through Europe, for a residency in the north of Sweden, hosted by Northern Sustainable Futures. My time is up, and I'm leaving on a long trip to Budapest today.
The main piece which I put together for In which I go for a walk is designed for projection on the walls of a traveling shipping container. But, the piece is web-based, meaning you can get a good impression of the end result, simply in your browser, by going here. You'll experience a mosaic of videos and images in which you can find me walking from my home, in Brazil, through a dozen, or so, countries, to northern Sweden, and back.

I'm leaving for Budapest. First stop: Östersund. Keep walking!

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Together with Dérive app and Placcc, we're hosting a two-day urban exploration workshop in Budapest, on May 25 and 26.

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Together with Dérive app and Placcc, we're hosting a two-day urban exploration workshop in Budapest, on May 25 and 26. Keep reading
On May 25 and 26, together with walk · listen · create and PLACCC, we're hosting an urban exploration workshop in Budapest. The workshop will focus on the part of t... Keep reading
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