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29 Jan, 2023

Today is global freethinker day, inspired by Thomas Paine, a citizen of the world in the late 18th century, and leading a remarkable life. 

Born in the UK, his career included being a pirate, a tax collector, a schoolteacher, a tobacconist. before landing in the US, sick as a dog and becoming a writer of pamphlets about free thinking and a front fighter of the French Revolution. It would make him famous and persecuted. He traveled the world, even after his death. with allegedly a rib in France, a jawbone in England, a skull in Australia.

The end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century was the cradle of other walking freethinkers, such as Rousseau, Kant, and Thoreau, for whom walking and thinking were inseparable. But no other country holds more walking and thinking in their hands as Greece, with Socrates and Aristotle already roaming the streets of ancient Athens with their visions about the new and bold.  

“Walking visions” is the engaging topic of the next walking arts encounters/conference in Prespa. Prespa became in the last years a crowd sourced space of  joined up thinking and walking together for a global community.

The call is just published: the website of Walking Visions and all info as well on walk · listen · create Send in your proposal now! 

Following a map of stars in the Prespa landscape was one of the highlights of the first Prespa encounter, guided by Bill Gilbert. Next week Tuesday Bill is going in dialogue with another starwalker Terri Rueb at our next walk · listen · cafe. Being led by the stars.

Another dreamer with feet on the ground, walking artist Jez Hastings, talks with Andrew Stuck in Catalonia during a recorded talking walking interview about a walk through Italy, Albania and Macedonia to reach the gathering in Prespa – walking long distances is in his blood.

See you online.

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