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What could possibly go wrong?

18 Mar, 2024

It’ll be the first time that we’ve run an online café from within a public café and it all takes place this evening.

It’s going to take place in Café Milenário in Guimaraes in north east Portugal, as it is scheduled as part of The Walking Body 5 which is brought together by my colleague, Geert Vermeire, Miguel Duarte and Natacha Moutinho from the local University of Minho.

Coincidentally Café Milenário has been accredited as one of the 120 historic cafés of Europe, and you can listen to an audio viewpoint on Placecloud which tells you a lot about the café itself.

These events are often described as 'hybrid,' partly online and partly on the ground, and there will be nine walking artists talking about work that they’ve been developing for The Walking Body, the theme of which is "More than human walking" and our connection with nature. Joining them will be as many as 30 people online, plus other customers who may be popping in for a glass of wine, a coffee or a snack.

What could possibly go wrong?

This is what we might call a 'first world issue' when it is compared it to the achievement of Mohamed-Nour Wana, who will be a be our guest artist at the inaugural online Confluence event, that takes place later this month. Mohamed-Nour had to flee from his home, crossing much of north Africa on foot, a distance of several thousand kilometres. One might just wonder how often he thought 'what could possibly go wrong?'

Yesterday I recorded an interview for a future Talking Walking episode with Fred Adam, who collaborated with digital storyteller David Merleau to create AntVenture. Fred put it far more coherently, than I can, as to how our ancestors had to be far more connected to nature as their lives depended upon a better understanding of who else or what else might be sharing the space where we walked. What could possibly go wrong? would have been on our minds at all times.

It is not too late for you to join the café this evening and ask Fred yourself as he is one of the nine international artist guests.

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2024-03-18 19:00 · Online
Round table discussion live from the The Walking Body in Portugal discussing Walking arts today - a response to the deep environmental  global crisis we are facing... Keep reading

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2024-03-18 19:00 · Online
Round table discussion live from the The Walking Body in Portugal discussing Walking arts today - a response to the deep environmental  global crisis we are facing... Keep reading

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