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What’s on the SWS Awards 2022 shortlist?

4 Dec, 2022

We've rolled into December. At least for me, September is quickly becoming a distant memory, probably helped by the whole long-COVID malarky which at least is a convenient excuse for forgetting everyday things.

But, it also means that we're getting close to announcing the winners of the Sound Walk September Awards 2022.

As usual, we've asked the shortlisted creators to write about their work, and to provide a background and context on what they've put together. This year's shortlist is exceptionally broad in scope, so I have been looking forward to the shortlisted creators giving us an insight into their way of thinking.

The first four texts are now available, you can see them linked below. There are more to come over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out... for these, as well as for the announcement of the winners.

As you perhaps recall, this year was the first year we worked with an online jury. This was a success, and we are looking forward to expanding the jury for the SWS Awards 2023. If you're interested to contribute, give us a shout.

Co-founder of walk · listen · create

Sponsor: Echoes
ECHOES specialises in geolocative audio. Our free platform allows creators to make and publish incredible GPS-triggered walking experiences. We also create apps which focus on sound and location, like The Royal Parks and The Royal Academy’s collaborative ‘Music for Trees’ app.

Walking on contested ground, in Bristol. Keep reading
What would happen if you could be in Haifa, Chongqing and Chemnitz at the same time? Would you feel lost? Or home? Would you compare what you perceive? Keep reading

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