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Vergehen (Passing) – opera that you walk

Imagine that you take a walk at the river Isar in Munich. Your smartphone starts a conversation, involving you in a discourse about memories and the past. How would that sound? It’s almost a pact: the smartphone lets us participate in the seemingly endless treasures of information and knowledge, all from a small personal companion. In return, we reveal our…


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Sources et ressources vives d’inspirations pour un promeneur écoutant

Liste non exhaustive, intergénérationnelle non triée, non hiérarchisée, en chantier   Jean-Jacques Rousseau (promenades, philosophie) Raymond Murray Schafer (Paysages sonore, écologie sonore) Max Neuhaus (Soundwalking, Listen, installations sonores « environnementales ) Guy Debord (Dérives, situationnisme, psychogéographie) Michel de Certeau (L’invention du quotidien, L’acte de marcher ) Henry David Thoreau (Walden...

10 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Hockley Flyover Project

The Hockley Flyover Project is a community photography project run by Tracy Thorne of Ghost Streets. She's done a number of similar projects in Birmingham including Stirchley High Street Stories, where as locals we naturally got involved. The Hockley Flyover  is an overpass which is part of the A41 in Birmingham that crosses over the […]

10 Feb 2020 | Talking Walking

Jack Cornish talking walking

Jack Cornish is a programme manager for the “Don’t Lose Your Way” campaign at Ramblers, the UK charity promoting walking and defending rights of way. That’s the ‘day job’, but there is much more walking in Jack than just from 9 to 5. He has walked the entire length of the British Isles and is […]

09 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Dark Moon Walking

An expedition into the darkest recesses of Stirchley and Bournville. Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night. Rupert Brooke On Sunday 23rd February, as the New Moon begins, we shall reclaim the night by walking out of the street lights and into the darkest corners of Birmingham B30.  By day our route is green […]

09 Feb 2020 | Blake Morris


12/52 First walked on 9 February, 2020 by Mathilda in Riems, Greifswald, Germany Blake in Northampton, England,  and Sophie in Glasgow, Scotland.   

08 Feb 2020 | Radical Stroud


Friday 17th January 2020 Radical Stroud Walk The Descent of the the Toadsmoor Valley: From Bisley Church to Brimscombe Port (and thence via the canal towpath to Stroud) Approximately 4 miles. Mostly footpaths. Some styles and steep descents. Cer...


Points d’ouïe sur l’écoute

Écouter de concert, c’est repérer et s’approprier des marqueurs paysages.    C’est partager une expérience sensible, relationnelle.    C’est agir pour défendre des causes sociales, chercher du bien -être, des partages de sensibilités, d’aménités…    C’est construire, avec des artistes, chercheurs, pédagogues, aménageurs, politiques, écoutants au quotidien&helli...

07 Feb 2020 | Mathis Nitschke

How MAYA became an economic success

How I managed to get an audience for an indie classical music-theatre piece and enjoyed applying creative entrepreneurial strategies to a publicly funded art project. Der Beitrag How MAYA became an economic success erschien zuerst auf Mathis Nitschke.

06 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Video: Cross City Walks

Five years ago Andy and Pete did a series of walks across Birmingham in straight lines, a project they called Cross City Walks. To mark this half-decade anniversary they put their thoughts into a short documentary.

06 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Photo Walks in March

Pete's Photo Walks continue next month with Bournville on Saturday 7th and Jewellery Quarter on Sunday 29th. They're £10 per person and you can book here. These walks are for photographers of all types, from cameraphones to hefty DSLRs and are geared towards slowing down and looking at our surroundings. They're also themed based on […]

06 Feb 2020 | cloakanddagger-music

Awards and Coverage for Taman Tugu: Interference/Resistance

Yoni Collier's latest immersive soundwork, 'Taman Tugu: Interference Resistance' has just received an honourable mention from the Soundwalk September festival. As a result, Yoni was asked to write a blog on the piece for the Walk Listen Create website. The blog, which you can read here, explains the rationale behind the piece and Yoni's plans for future works. You can watch a short film on 'Taman Tugu: Interference/Resistance' above. In December 2019 Yoni ran an event, along with Taman Tugu park


Installer une écoute en mouvement

Installer une écoute en mouvement Table des matières   Installer une écoute en mouvement 3 Pro-page à sons 3 PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible 3 Arpentage 3 Transport et plaisir 4 Pauses 4 Points d’ouïe 4 Partage d’aménités 5 Partage de sensibilités 5 Relationnel 6 Géographie sonore 6 Installation 7 Mise en situation d’écoute. 8 … Continuer à lire ... "Installer une écoute en mouvement"