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Sweet Waters: sense-ing legacies of slave-ownership.

Sweet Waters is walking with legacies of British slave-ownership, revealing reluctant heritage. Water. Life. Trade. A cycle of participatory performative walks and creative dialogues in Bath and along the River Avon. From rain to river to sea to sky and back: walking-with heritage, memories, silences, absences, stories, relics….. making the return thinking with our whole bodies .. shame, race, exile,…


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Points d’ouïe et questionnements

  Le moins qu’on puisse dire, c’est qu’entre les périls climatiques s’amplifiant à la vitesse grand V et la pandémie qui nous frappe de plein fouet, cette situation inédite nous questionne, parfois violemment, en grattant là où ça fait mal, en nous montant les terribles dérives financière, sociales, économiques, humaines… Elle nous ramène surtout à … Continuer à lire ... "Po...

24 Mar 2020 | martin.p.eccles: walk time place sound

20-minute walks

So, here’s the idea … In the face of the containment measures we find ourselves in we have been allowed one period of exercise a day. The containment strategy is vital for the containment of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but I … Continue reading →

23 Mar 2020 | Radical Stroud

Virtual Walking

KEEP FIT WHEN SELF-ISOLATING by pretending to walk the Thames to London. Join me for a virtual walk and measure your steps inside your house. As many of you know, I have been walking the river piecemeal towards London to raise funds for the Trussell Tr...

23 Mar 2020 | 33 Temple

Contemporary Performance Almanac 2020

The Contemporary Performance Almanac is an annual overview of Contemporary Performance created within the previous 3 years and the 2020 edition was the 6th volume of the almanac since it was initiated in 2013.For the 2020 edition I submitted ...

22 Mar 2020

Songs about Walking

Facebook-page – Songs about walking, to smoothen the days ahead during self-isolation at home. Feel free to add your own selection of Walking Songs. Source: Songs about Walking

22 Mar 2020

Songs about Walking 

Facebook-page Songs about walking, to smoothen the days ahead during self-isolation at home. Feel free to add your own selection of Walking Songs.

22 Mar 2020 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Walk 53

River valley trail, Redcliff, AlbertaIt's been a day of baking bread and making soup and reading, a day mostly spent at home (as they will be from here on in).  But it's also a sunny spring day, a mud-puddle day, and we weren't the only ones taking a walk in the river valley. No matter how our lives are limited in other ways these strange days, people seem to be openly grateful for the simple freedom of walking outdoors. These are the things we need right now - movement, fresh air, direct c [...]


Points d’ouïe, dans nos confinements réunis, des sons à nos fenêtres

@ photo – Judith Lesur, contributrice Après un peu plus de trois journées pleines, l’appel à contributions « Des sons à ta fenêtre – Sounds at your window », s’inscrivant dans la crise sanitaire du Covid19, compte presque 30 sons, pour un peu plus de 5h de matière brute. Sons de fenêtres, de balcons, terrasses, et pour … Continuer à lire ... "Points d’ouïe, dans nos confinements réun...

21 Mar 2020 | Curated News

Spring walking II – walks of kindness by Petra Johnson and Marceau Chenault

One - to - one walks within the vicinity Shanghai Library with the objective of identifying moments of kindness.    The film is a (22 min) meditation on movement and how it agitates the air; on environments and the incipient; on kindness as a technology and kindness as an emotion.  With choreographer/anthropologist Dr. Marceau Chenault and by Dr. Petra Johnson. Shared by Petra Johnson on the WAN - mailing list. [embed][/embed] meditation on movement and how it agitat